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Looking for an automated scheduled player and volume-control plugin

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  • Looking for an automated scheduled player and volume-control plugin

    Hi everyone, I have no idea where to start so I'll just explain quickly what I'm looking for:

    Basically I want a playlist to play normally, then every 30 seconds I want the volume to drop and an audio message to play.
    It's a small cue-tape to tell people to switch stations in a fitness centre.
    Also, every once in a while, I'd need it to play a different audio message that is longer.

    Is there a plugin that you know of that already exists?
    If not, I'll try developing something, it shouldn't be an impossible task, but I really dont know how to word it for searches and which keywords to use.

    Been looking around for a while.. how would you call such a plugin?
    Any help greatly appreciated!

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    The only thing I have ever known that is going to be able to provide the flexibility that you want is SAM Broadcaster from

    They used to have a PAL script that would handle this for you. However, that we a few years ago.
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      Thanks for your reply, but wouldn't there be something less powerfull available? Or are my needs really this hard to fulfill technically?
      Anyone else?

      Maybe a script that modifies the volume every 30 secs and a second player that plays the cue tape + 30 secs of silence in a loop? Only thing i'm afraid of is that if there's a tiny difference in timing, it'll get out of sync after a while..