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I'm a Vape douche, and I love it

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  • I'm a Vape douche, and I love it

    To date, the last time I had a cigarette was more than five months ago.

    (I forget the last time I had a cigarette, it's at the back of my mind so "more than five months" is my guess)

    I owe all of this to vaping.

    At first I started at a high strength of nicotine (18 Mg) and over the weeks/months I've been dropping the amount of nicotine that I use. (Now 3 Mg)

    Vaping is fairly awesome, asides from being a part of a rather friendly community I've found that I no longer eat sugar loaded snacks or desserts. Instead I get my "tasty fix" from the variety of flavours available to me. Which is fine up until I drop vaping if I do.

    It's great, if you want to quit I suggest looking into it. There are a bunch of easy to follow guidelines for safe use as well as a plethora of information on what products to avoid.

    Anyways, just thought I'd share.
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    It seems the more I read, the less I know about it. I've not tried it, and most of what I've researched has simply said "there's not much research" on the topic. I can't really draw an opinion on it because of that. Schools seem to treat it as an equal to tobacco when enforcing policies.
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      Weird how I don't smoke.......YET 3 nights ago, I decided to go outside stargazing and smoke half a dozen of those nails.