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  • HD choice help

    right i want to get a nice new 40gig HD, i have my eyes on the ibm ones but i was wondering if it was worth going for the faster one (7200rpm) as i already have an ibm one at that speed. also i hear windows runs faster on fat 16 so i was thinking of putting windows and my swap file on my current main drive 13gig 7200rpm one on a fat 16 and partitioning it into 2 with the second half in fat 32 so id have room for my games on it which need the speed more.

    I'd then have me nice new one for mp3's and other bits and a small 5gig onefor backup.

    Should i do this or install Linux on one of em?
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    Definitely go for 7200rpm 'cause their prices are almost as low as 5400rpm (?).

    I wouldn't spend hd space on Linux. I installed it once, and found that I used it very rarely. It's also rather hard to configure (esp. network properties) if you're used to win98...


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      I just bought a 30gig 5400 rpm... fine for storing my mp3's but for running games from you'd better get 7200


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        yeah I have one for my games (which i play once in a blue moon these days). I'm gonna have to get a new case too i just remembered. I have no free space inside my current case for it D'oh! i have my eyes on this beauty
        the globalwin gw-802 midi tower:

        altough the Yeong Yang Black Server Cube at the bottom of that page is very tempting
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          My god, those are some zexy cases

          But do you really have to go for the cheapest one of them all? Come on man, do yourself a favor and get that black cube


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            i would if i had the money and the space and the need for it, I've seen a swankey version of that globalwin one at it exactly the same but black!! I would get it, similar price but it would look stupid without black floppy and cd drive which'll add £50 is quid onto it
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              This is probably something everyone already knows (except me)

              I also need a new hard drive, but my motherboard runs with UDMA/ATA66 or whatever it is (I dunno) it's definitly 66 anyway and those letters come before it

              My question is: will a UDMA/ATA100 work with it (I understand that if it does then it won't run at 100, just at 66)


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                Yeah, an ATA/100 hard disk will run at ATA/66 if that is the case. Definitely go for the higher RPM too, the cost difference is worth the cost, IMO. I've got a 40GB at 7200rpm on ATA/100 and things run pretty fast.


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                  do you have to do anything to them to slow them down like change the jumpers at the back round, or do they just limit themselves?


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                    just wack it in there

                    the jumpers are only if your running it as a slave device
                    or a master device


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                      Get those 75GB IBM HDs and put them in RAID 0.


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                        IBM's Deskstars are the best ones out there. Get it if you can
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                          western digitals.

                          i dun know.. but both of my harddisks now are Western Digital Caviars. smooth and reliable.

                          heard alot of bad stories for the IBM Deskstars though.. especially the 75GXP.


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                            western digital death click!

                            just wait till you hear the western digital death click!
                            you will then want ibm.
                            just my opinion

                            i have had the maxtor h/d
                            a western digital h/d
                            and ibm
                            so far my favorite has been ibm
                            thoe the price sucks!
                            it realy sucks to loose all your shit from a defective drive.
                            oh and i geuss if you wanted to say it.
                            there is the maxtor death click also.


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                              ... And the Seagate death click.

                              Conner used to be the most reliable. But then Seagate bought them out and killed the whole line of products, just like Microsoft did with FoxPro.

                              Now the most reliable is: 1. Quantum; 2. IBM.
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