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  • Timer

    I used to make my computern a waking clock with the old QCD/QMP (quintessential player) alongside it's built-in timer, then due to it's old sound engine I've made the jump to winamp.

    The issue is that I can't find a working timer. The last I'm using is clockamp. Unfortunately, it's nonetheless ergonomic poorly designed but it doesn't work under windows 10 : if the timer is able to wake up the computer, it stays at login screen and don't play anything, when as soon as I log in, winamp starts to play.

    Do any of you know a working solution ?

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    I don't know if there is a way to bypass the lock screen without you putting in your passcode/unlocking the screen. I'll do some googling in my free time today and if I come across a solution I'll reply again.


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      I found some discrepency in this locking logon screen : I use total recorder to record a music stream at a time I'm sleeping because of time zones (I'm in france and the show is from US).
      Total recorder wakes up the computer, lauch the app, records and saves 4h of streamed music every week.

      I'll try doing it by a scheduled task.


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        After non working powershell scripts, vbscripts using C++ going thru net assemblies with super user rights under a virtualisation box in assembly language running java machine... Pfffew... a simple net start winamp /PLAY in a .bat file did the trick.
        Besides winamp process running in the background.
        So I scheduled a direct basic task running winamp with /PLAY parameter. It worked with the same background issue : winamp is out of reach unless killing the task in task manager and launching it again.

        I'll dig deeper.