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life is scary...

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  • life is scary...

    life is so amazingly scary, make the most of your life, and all other lives around you...

    Recently, my best mates dog died, just a dog i know. but we all know how some dogs grow on us, this one grew on me too. we were all heart striken, we all believed it could not get any worse... it did.

    Last wednesday, a mate a was just getting to know well passed away, a bloodclot formed in his brain and then popped. death was instantanious. as some of you know, i love rowing, his brother was also a rower, i already know him well.

    At times like this we must move on, but remember the past as it was. Life goes on, we must move on.

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    I'm sorry to here that buddy. I hope all concerned are doing well- considering...


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      I have no words to put here.


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        I can't think of anything pertinent to post here, but I will anyhow. Understand this: I care as much about what you're going through as my post count.


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          I'm sorry to hear that man . I know how bad life can get but I didn't realise how bad it was for other people until last night. My g.f admitted to almost taking a knife to her wrists a few weeks back, that scared the shit out of me.

          I'm sorry again, at leat it was instantanious.
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            As you may have read earlier, a good friend of my mum's committed suicide a while back. Death can be horrifing, and scary, but without death, there would be no appreciation of life, and the good times would be 'watered down'. With life you have to think about what is good, not what is bad. Tragedies can be learnt from, but remember the lesson.


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              Death is just the final stage of a pregnancy. Accept it, live with it, and move on.


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                i'm sorry about him, man
                my heart is with anyone who knew him

                the best thing to do when death is present is to not dwell on it
                think of the person when they were alive

                i never really put much stock in my faith until i had two grandparents die exactly three weeks apart, and now, the fact that i know they are in heaven now is great comfort to me (the only thing that disturbs me is that i still haven't cried about my grandmother dying, though i mourn it, and the only time i cried over my grandfather was when i read the ending of "death of a salesman"

                remember: he's in a better place now, you'll see him again someday, just don't rush it or anything