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winmx beta 5 released!

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  • winmx beta 5 released!

    gettin closer to the final version... yay

    WinMX Beta 5

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    w00t! gracias, although it kinda tells you in WinMX itself...


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      I wouldn't use Winmx even if it was the only file sharing program in the world. It really is poor. (If you can actually connect to a server that is)


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        The only time i've had problems connecting to a server with WinMX was with the new version. It doesn't connect if they've released a new version, which is easily fixed by just d/ling the new version.
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          Looks like the connection problems have been solved. The only disadvantage i can see to using WinMX is that most people use other file sharing applications, which means less search results.


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            I don't know if you ppl bother to read, but if you use the beta version of WinMx, you won't get the same load of connections like when you use the 'stable' version of WinMx because they are on seperated networks... Once it'll go out of beta and more ppl start to download it the network will grow and you'll more connections, etc...