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Edit A Track to Shorten It?

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  • Edit A Track to Shorten It?

    Would anyone like to help me. I'm new to this. I've been through Nero which referred me to something called like: Feurio or something which I downloaded to my dads computer to try to shorten this 1 song but I can't figure it out. so I uninstalled them so I didn't mess up my dads computer. * If I were to send this MP3 Via Email to someone, will any of you be willing to shorten it for me and send it back to me? I would really appreciate it. Thanks. Take Care Guys & Gals!

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    get sound forge or cool edit pro
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      Use Goldwave

      It is an amazing program that does all sorts of crazy shit to audio files! (Including removing parts )

      Oh, and the best part is its only a 709k download!
      How can such a l33t program be so small??


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        I use Adobe Premiere to edit audio. I got it for free (my uncle works at Adobe) and I don't feel like paying for a program. Premiere is not really for audio editing, but video, but it does a pretty good job. I just split up the entire Van Halen album 1984 that I downloaded as one file from WinMX. It took about an hour to get it all right.

        But if you are looking for a good free program like that, I really don't know what to reccomend. Sorry. Yeah, I spelled that wrong.
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          This sounds very similar to an e-mail I've just replied to, in which I recommended one of the following small freeware apps for MP3 editing:
          MP3 Splitter @
          MP3 Trim @
          MP3 Workshop @

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            I am also looking for a way to split a track up. I have a 60 min. long dance megamix which I would like to split into 5 min increments. Is there a program that wil let me do that all at once or will I have to take jsut take the first 5 min off, then taken the shortend track and take the first 5 off that, an so on and so forth?

            Also, which file (specifically mp3) splitter program to all of you recomend?

            I did try the codevisions splitter but the DL link at that site is busted it seems.

            I looked at, but I don't trsut the ratnigs there to much because a lot of the people there are idiots who are completely com illeterate and will give a prog a bad rating jsut cause they can't figure out how to use it, so yea, I would like some input frmo teh people here cause you all at least know how to DL and run a program.

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