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  • |||| In Memorial Of 09/11/2001|||||

    Hello everyone,

    I've created a song that is called "Now That You're An Angel". A song dedicated to the September 11, 2001 victims. It's making the NEWS in Canada and in the US. You can listen to it for free at the following address:

    Hope you enjoy.

    The author: Guy Soucy

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    I went to the site, but I dont know why you would have to enter your name and email address just to listen to it, unless this is just another shameless way of getting email addys.

    ~ Missy

    ps this is also a cross post. It is also posted in another forum here at winamp. <Breaking news>


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      ok, i don't mean to be disrespectful in any way, and if i offend people, can a mod (or me) edit all of this out please.

      Last night, when i turned on the TV, i was confronted with loads of adverts about "what happened on september 11th", "9/11, the story", "how the towers fell" "who was behind sept 11th attacks" adverts and programs. It is bad enough that it happened, worse that we needed such a wake up call, but just doing this sort of thing is plain exploitative. Can't we just leave it alone, we have learnt our lesson (or we are trying to), we need to tighten up airport security, but not so tight that bishops can't take their ceremonial things on board, but so that people can't take weapons on board. I understand that this won't be happening in the near future, but making commemorative songs, websites and everything doesn't help the people who died, it's just a way of generating money. please just leave it, i think it's disgusting that we need to highlight such things, just to make a point, or for 'good' tv .

      Things like having an american flag as an avatar, to show respect, or making a website for the people who are mourning is good, but trying to sell "9/11 commemorative badges" or something is just wrong. I am not trying to insult you angel911, it's just my opinion and i am sure what you are doing is incredibly noble, it just isn't "to my taste".


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        for the love of god PLEASE dont let this be the start of a "9/11 memorial" wave, if that happens, i swear, ill rip out my modem and leave my house

        [edit] sorry, im just now sick to death of anything regaurding 9/11, people need to let it go, jees [/edit]


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          Originally posted by Neko
          for the love of god PLEASE dont let this be the start of a "9/11 memorial" wave, if that happens, i swear, ill rip out my modem and leave my house
          9-11 NEVER FORGET


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            BH I'm afraid I agree. Sorry but it's realy irratating, we dint do the same for when the center of Bermingham was blown out by a IRA bomb. nore do the spanish with Eta bombings, it's somthing we learn from and move on.

            11/9 I get fed up with 9/11 it makes no sence! Day/Month/Year not Month/Day/Year it dosent make sence!
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              Originally posted by Somebody

              9-11 NEVER FORGET
              with the current american popluation % of this forum, im sure non of us will ever forget it....


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                Indeed. There are more important things in life than memories. Like current events and looking towards the future.

                People who reminisce are people who can't accept and move on.


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                  I agree, making money off this tragic even is morally wrong. But we must never ignore what happened that day...for ignoring the past would be to neglect our future.

                  People who remember are people who can't move on.
                  A bit generalized don't you think? Considering I still remember what happened, what time it was, and the footage of it...but I move on with school, friends, and such.


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                    We ignore the past all the time.


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                      I agree with bh too. Its friggin irritating.
                      I had enough trouble at the airports because of my color. I told them I'm not a musilm, an afghan or a Pakistani. Damnit I dont even resemble a muslim nor have i touched muslim clothes. But did they listen? No. They were enveloped in this whole *patriotic* thing. My friend and her bf were harrased by some bastards a week after 9/11. The security gaurds even checked a box of cookies I was taking to my sister. I told them that my country is attatcked everyday by the same group of errorists. Blah..Blah..Blah. I can go on for ages. No use.

                      What I mean is I dont want all that stuff to happen again. I had enough of it. Once is more that enough.


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                        (for those of you who don't know, dam is from india)

                        i am sorry i didn't make it clear, i didn't want it to be forgotten, i just want to stop people making money from it and dragging out, we should learn and move on, not learn and look back.


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                          Originally posted by Neko

                          with the current american popluation % of this forum, im sure non of us will ever forget it....
                          The attack may have been placed in the United States, but it was an attack against all 'western' nations. I doubt anyone from any of those countries will ever forget this.


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                            if people would shut up about it, then i'd forget it, and in time, when something else happens, or when this generation are dead and berried, 9/11 will just be another subject in history class.


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                              I think its waaaay to overhyped. stfu and get on with your lives, dammit.
                              eh, heh.