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    Hi, i heard that there is a winamp for linux, but i cant seem to find it on the website

    why is it not on the winamp download page as the one for windows and mac is?

    kinda makes linux users left out

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      There is something in linux called xxms...same thing as winamp. I had to click on a shoutcast station in the radio directory on this site to get it to come up.


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        The only version of Winamp that is released for Linux, is a very old and outdated alpha version of Winamp3... Since it's just an alpha, there really is no point in making a section for Winamp3 for Linux in just yet.

        Winamp3 for Linux is currently being updated. Whenever a release accure, I assure you, you'll know about it.

        Edit: Sawg got to here first, as usual.


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          hehe build #431 is the linux alpha code
          build #488 is final code


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            Originally posted by Hamylde
            XMMS is your best bet. It isn't made by Nullsoft, but it is a very close facsimile.

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              run wine
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