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I love riddles!

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  • I love riddles!

    I love riddles and I love sharing them.

    1. two armies meet on a battle field. A long war ensues. At the end, one army remains with only a couple of men and one king. The other army has nearly all the men and their king. Surprisingly, the smaller army wins easily. How is this possible?

    Good Luck to all those who answer!!!

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    Guess: it's a game of chess, and one player has a king and a queen, the other player has a king and a few pawns left?


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      Well, that depends... You didn't say whether or not this was a modern-day battle, medieval battle, etc. And you said nothing of the use of nuclear weapons.


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        King and two rooks. Or two bishops or knights perhaps, but I doubt it.


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          Great Job!!!!

          Congrats to the two people who said it was a chess game. You are right. The large army walled in their king and the smaller army made an easy kill.


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            I have another one, it's an easy one:

            You have 10 horses and 9 stables. Try to fit all the horses in.

            1. one horse to a stable
            2. none are pregnant
            3. no more stables can be built
            4. All horses must go in

            Good Luck!!!


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                  don't know the answer, but I think I've heard it before....

                  [threadhijack]Sarge, you don't happen to be from around Biloxi, do you?[/threadhijack]


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                    As a matter of fact, I'm just north of Gulfport.


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                      Gahhhhhhhhhhh, I had to live in Biloxi for three months. I never thought I'd hate a place so much We stayed in the Ramada Limited on Route 90, beachfront. Whoops, sorry... "beach" *shudder* (it was very... sticky).

                      Gulfport was actually kinda nice, but we didn't get to visit very often. We mostly stuck around Biloxi and gambled at the Beau Rivage and the Imperial Palace.

                      Just curious


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                        Cool beans. I mostly venture into Biloxi to go to the mall, the music store, and one or two other things. I work in Gulfport, but I live in Saucier (about 15 minutes north of the Gulfport city limits).

                        Btw, everyone here calls it "Highway 90" even though it's actually an interstate. Go fig. And the Beau Rivage is the nicest ******/resort we've got around here, imo, but I don't go very often (and only for the buffet when I do go).


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                          Y'know, come to think of it, I have no idea why I called it "Route 90". Brain fart, I guess. I've never called it that before lol, it was "Highway 90" to us too.


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                            i'm a riddle student. haha! get it?


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                              I'll give you a hint to the 10 horses riddle:

                              It's easy if you draw a diagram of the stables:

                              | | | | | | | | | |

                              and work from there