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  • backing up sucks

    well I've decided my computer woes are to do with a corrupted HDD so I'm going to low level format it. This means I have to back everything up, and I have a lot to do. I've currently used 25 700MB CD's and I think I'll need about another 10! I should really get a tape backup drive but I dunno if they go up to about 100 gig, do they?

    anyway this is just a rant about having to burn CD's on a machine that likes randomly resetting itself. I've gotten 6.5 hours out of it so far which is a lot better than normal, something will go wrong soon I'm sure. I'm up to the letter 'R' now in my mp3's, which leaves 4 gig left. grrrrrr......
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    That's got to suck. Lucilly for me, when I back up, I really only have 3 or 4 cd's worth of stuff that I need to take care of. Also, making regular backups is always good.


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      I got no CD-rw so i have to take the crap from my computer, it keeps warning me about low memory, and it is killing itself and lying about how much gigabytes i have left, in my one anime folder i have 34 gigabytes, when i clicked C drive it says 37.2 as capacity, but it says 9.53 gigabytes left, mind you this is a 40 gigabyte hard drive, what could cause these bad readings?, i'm worried about frying somethign, so someone help if you can

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        girl, you look fine, you need to back that ass up!


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          my CDRW does a cd in about 7 minutes... i have about 8 CDs of MP3s and i order my directorys from the last time i backed up...but this computer likes to freeze after burning 2 CDs so i have to restart and take breaks


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            you should go for a DVD burner - 4,7 GB on one CD

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              Originally posted by triGEAR
              girl, you look fine, you need to back that ass up!



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                Originally posted by triGEAR
                girl, you look fine, you need to back that ass up!


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                  I use my Zip Drive for my backups.
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                    The first backup can be a pain, but you only have to go through that once. All your subsequent backups can be incremental.
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