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"The world is so cold now that you've gone away"

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  • "The world is so cold now that you've gone away"

    Would you kill yourself if your lover died? Or do you secretly admit to yourself that your significant other truly isn't unique, and could be replaced if necessary (i.e. the "there's other fish in the sea" theory)?

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    people morn differently.if my mate died,i would morn for a very long so lonely right now,but if i have someone in my life and loved him dearly,i would miss him bunches and think of him lots

    but everyone has that sexual desire and i would move on for a companion
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      My love is irreplaceable but I wouldn't kill myself if something were to happen to her. I think an individual can love a great many people... though each relationship, like each individual, is unique.


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        Nah, not immediately anyways...I'd go on living with the emptiness for as long as it took me to realize that it would never go away, then spend some time trying to enjoy myself in spite of this fact, and THEN kill myself when I realize that I can never truly enjoy myself without her and decide that it's pointless to keep trying.
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          Quite simple...Not everyone's lives are based on Romeo and Juliet...I'm one of those people whose isn't...
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            Re: "The world is so cold now that you've gone away"

            Originally posted by rm'
            (i.e. the "there's other fish in the sea" theory)?

            Silly, we can't use other people's hands.

            excuse my stupidity

            I are need picture


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              i wouldnt kill myself...i would however probably remain unmarried and never have sex again.


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                True love? Is there such a thing?

                I think that the incidents with my two ex-girlfriends have made me cold.


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                  I could see myself settling for companionship after a death of my ultimate partner, whoever that may be. I don't think it would be selfish- if there was another person who had the same sort of thing happen to them were to come around, I think I could settle. I could be happy. Wouldn't that make your other partner happy, if you were happy?

                  Or not. As I have never been in love, I don't know how that feeling would cause me to behave. If it is as intense as it looks to me watching other couples, I might just go crazy with grief. I really don't know. Can anyone know?

                  Lots of Love,
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                    I wouldn't kill myself for anything like that (can't make any promises if I was burning alive in the WTC). I wouldn't exactly know what something of that magnitude would be like, but I wouldn't consider killing myself an option 99.99% of the time. Life has too much potential, and I have so many dreams. With so much hope, how could extreme sadness overcome determination?
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                      this may sound crazy, but i really want to save up so i can live in kazakhstan some day and hopefully become a citizen there. i believe very few people let alone members of my opposite sex here in this united states of this north american landmass would be willing to be subjected to my radical ways of thinking. but hey, i'm fine with a local love

                      by the way, as i said in another thread i'm the youngest member here (or one of them), so any serious stuff is still a long ways off for me.


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                        Originally posted by ¡Æ!
                        but hey, i'm fine with a local love
                        By that, of course, he means sheep...


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                          To be honest about it, I probably wouldn't have made it this far down the road without Mrs. Deaux.
                          You see, I truly love the fast lane.
                          I'm an edge dancer who rarely considers the consequences of TOO MUCH FUN.
                          I wouldn't off myself intentionaly, but without restraint I'm pretty sure my "self destructive behaviors" would gang up on me and dust my arse.

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                            i met my current girl du jour last week when we were both drunk. the extent of our contact so far has been kissing, but she wants me, oh yes. it's all physical. so would i really care? no, i have three other girls waiting for a phone call!

                            i had an ex die once... that was weird. it's a kind of detached "i know i should feel bad but i really don't" feeling.


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                              This hits home since my girlfriend of over 10 years died last year. She was my true love and while I don't feel suicidal, I do feel lonely, misplaced, sad, empty, etc. But at the same time I have no desire to start looking for someone else at this point. I am not ready and I can't say when I'll be ready (if ever).