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  • (party)

    For a different reason, I started drinking tonight, and now that I'm completely snookered I would guess it's good cover for the following question on such a shitty nite:

    How often do you party? It doesn't have to be alchoholic, I could care less what kind. I was just wondering if everybody elses life is as boring as mine.
    And for those who do drink, what's your favorite.
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    for being"snookered",you spell better than most people drunk,which makes me wonder if your telling us the truth

    i drink,i get drunk,i fall down,im done.
    "Well, got to love you and leave you, need to go get into the shower and rub my hard naked body all over with soapy bubbles, I'll be back later to carry on playing....

    It'll take you some time to get over the image of me naked in the shower......mind you don't masturbate to hard thinking about it...."
    - Mr.Jones


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      I don't party nearly enough...what I need to do is find a drunken orgy type party as my sobriety will make me the most virile (and therefore most desirable) guy there.
      some1 grew up, published a book about being young and stupid,
      got married, and moved to Australia.


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        Yeah, my life's pretty boring. I never party. I HAD a party the other night, but all we did was watch movies. I don't think that counts, does it?


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          Just cause I'm drunk doesn't mean I can't be anal about my spelling. I do a fairly good job, if I do say so myself.
          I think you're just jealous.
          And you don't have to spell wrong to be drunk. You can spell wrong and be sober. Being sober has nothing to do with how a person evaluates themselves. Just cause I've been drinking doesn't mean I can't ...
          oh fuck it I don't need to prove anything to you.
          (I guess I should write (Belch)es too. And Ass scratches. After all, why leave anything to the imagination....)

          --I've never been to a drunken orgy. That would prolly be cool.

          --Watching movies only counts if they were good ones. This includeds porn.
          Go read a book without pictures
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            who cares you drink beer you get drunk and you spell great if you are telling the truth, you cool mother fucking dude why cant i be like you
            i cant live if im not like you
            cool mother fucking dude



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              I try to avoid parties when I can. I'm more of a one on one kinda guy.


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                I don't often have or go to parties - I prefer going to the pub every couple of nights (or night...), and having a few pints with friends.

                At least it did seem easier until just the other day.
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