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"Everybody loves you when you're dead"

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  • "Everybody loves you when you're dead"

    How true is that? I've noticed an urge to eulogize even the worst of people pleasantly. Especially teenagers. "He was a good kid. Friends always came first for him". No mention that everyone not-a-friend were liable to have their car scratched up with a key, or be beaten up for their lunch money. No mention that everyone in town had a piece of her ass, or that she sapped all her paramours of every penny they had.

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    "You shouldn't speak ill of the dead."


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      what's the point in slagging off someone when they are dead?

      "i'm sure he had a heart somewhere"

      (am just trying to say what schismx said, but with less intelligence)


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        Of the DC sniper suspect:
        "He was a good kid" says his aunt who raised him.

        Yuh, but what a shitty adult


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          Yet another reason why society sucks...people glorify the dead out of their own insecurities about what will happen to them after they die (i.e. they don't want to be slandered, so they won't slander another person)'s stupid, really. When I'm dead I hope people curse my name for days on least that way my death could be unique.
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            I never glorify the dead, theres no point.

            its not like they are there to see how hammy your acting is.
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              Originally posted by binary hero
              what's the point in slagging off someone when they are dead?
              But is it necessary to beatify them in order to hide the fact that they were rotten people when alive?


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                very simply put, at least in my mind: they aren't there to defend themselves
                just as it isn't good to insult someone behind their backs, it's not good to do so when they're dead


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                  I tend to agree, but there is also a feeling of sentiment and looking back to the past as better when someone dies. Damn thoise feelings, fucking with us all the time!
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                    Personally, I try not to say bad things about living people, so it is just making sure that I say the nicest things possible. But I don't believe in lying either.

                    I think it's always possible to find something that I like in a person, let alone something I love about them. Make sense?

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                      currently, the BBC is running a series of programmes and having a vote to decide who is the greatest briton of all time.
                      the top ten is currently:
                      1 Brunel
                      2 Diana
                      3 Churchill
                      4 Darwin
                      5 Shakespeare
                      6 Nelson
                      7 Cromwell
                      8 Newton
                      9 Elizabeth I
                      10 Lennon

                      Why is Diana Princess of Wales second, above Winston Churchill, Darwin, Shakespeare and the rest?
                      What did she do more than those truly great people?

                      She died young within everyones memory.

                      Of course, she was in no way greater (and IMO very much lesser) than every other person on that list (with the possible exception of John Lennon, who incedentally, you could argue the same for)

                      rm: it is very true indeed.


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                        The same happened when channel 4 did the greatest song of all time poll. The vast majority were from the past 10 years. Cheesey shitty pop monkey crap that <14 year olds liked and phone in for.
                        "We think science is interesting and if you disagree, you can fuck off."


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                          I think it has to do with respect: Say I had a friend named John Smith who was the biggest gay hustler on Sunset Strip. I would consider it disprespectful to go up to his mom at the wake and say, "John really sucked a lot of cock, Mrs. Smith."

                          Some people say nice things about the dead because they wish to be viewed as "good people."

                          In the past I think in some cultures (European, for example) it was considered bad to speak ill of the dead because their spirits might hear you and do something bad to you.


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                            Almost iron he posted this seeing how he is now dead to these forums....also iron that very are speaking good things of him now that he's gone. (I miss him!)

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