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    I've been running SETI for quite a while now (will hit 100 work units today! ). And I thought It's be good to make a WA forum member group, so I just have. Available here.

    You can join up for a new SETI account or move your group membership by clicking the join link at the top of that page. All your WU's will be transfered from your previous group.

    What is SETI?

    [email protected] is a scientific experiment that

    uses Internet-connected computers

    in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). You can participate by running a free program that

    downloads and analyzes radio telescope data.

    It can be run as either a screensaver (REALLY NOT RECCOMENDED!) or on a command line through a DOS box. The screensaver version is not reccomended because its at least 5 times as slow! due to processing fancy graphics instead of doing real work.

    why do we need a team

    Teams are just a way of groups of people to get together and work together. They aren't needed and you don't have to join on to use Seti. I want you to join this team though .

    Where can I get it?

    The Seti HP is here.

    The download page is here.

    It's dead easy to install and run, just read the documentation available.

    What platforms will it run on?

    Pretty much anything and everything from x86 to macs to SPARCS to Alphas to ...... anything your likley to be using.

    Will it make computer really slow?

    No. Seti is run as a really low priority thread in windows so anything else that wants the CPU gets it straight away. You can use you computer as if it weren't there and when your not using it SETI will take full advantage of your machine.

    What is a WU

    A WU is work unit. The servers at Seti send you work units for you to process, when they're done you send the results back to them. WU's can take a long time to complete, I average 4hrs/WU on an XP2100+.

    What if my computer crashes?

    You won't lose anything, Seti stores everything in text files as it goes along so you can kill it whenever you like, including crashes.

    Programs for using SETI:

    You don't need any special programs to use Seti but there are a lot that will show you stats and do other useful tasks. A good list is available here.

    I'm using SetiStash which gives you a few details about your progress. It runs the CLI version of SETI and can hide the CLI window and be minimised to the systray. This program is really just so that you don't have to be connected to the internet when a WU finishes and insted transfer multiple WUs when you are connected.

    I also use Seti Spy to show info on the performance of my machine and other handy bits about your groups stats.

    If anyone is interested in joining the cause please do. I thought it'd be a nice idea for these forums have their own group.
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    adding my 200-some WUs to the list

    (triGEAR and Dregore)


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      kick ass!

      I hit 100 just over an hour ago. Any more takers?
      edit: Any chance of some glue for this thread for a bit?
      "We think science is interesting and if you disagree, you can fuck off."


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        truthfully i dont know what the whole thing is but if it doesnt get glued, i'll just sit and reply when it starts going down


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          you know, i'm glad you brought this up phily. i've been sitting here pumping out work units forever, and at least now i have a purpose.


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            i think i've done about 10 work units, but i stopped it as my screensaver because it had a purple frame that never moved, and would have burned into my screen. also, i forget the email i used for it, and the password :P would i be able to turn it on overnight (not as a screensaver)? then i'd join

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              I've not used SETI before (mainly as I've got a nice screensaver already - but now you've told about this command line version that can run on Win32 systems I've installed it on my network server... so we shall see how well it works!

              Couldn't get it to run on my speedy computer though - I think the firewall gets in the way - so it's running on the network server thing, which is a little on the slow side...
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                if you have windows2000 or xp, you can have [email protected] run at all times... it only uses the processor cycles you are not using (basically the same thing as the "system idle process" that always runs in the background... just occupying the cycles so your processor continues to run.


                [edit] pardon the image. i was bored. [/edit]


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                  I know that there's a proxy switch on the Unix version to get through proxy servers. The command looks like:

                  setiathome -proxy proxyort

                  Dunno if you can do the same on windows
                  It's really bad using the screensaver, it's just so innefficient, it might look nice but it's doing nothing for the cause. The CLI can be run at all times without the need for a screensaver. Also the best screensaver is to turn your monitor off if your leaving it on overnight .

                  This is what SetiSpy and Seti Stash look like, both can easily be minimised to the tray and seti spy run only when you want to look see what's happening.
                  "We think science is interesting and if you disagree, you can fuck off."


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                    Just a quick question, how much bandwith does it use??

                    I'd be willing to give it a go if it didnt tie up my slow ass, shared 28k connection...


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                      umm...what do i click to register? i looked but cant find it (join says im not in the database) [excuse me for being an idiot]


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                        To join you download and unzip the files then the first time you run it it will ask you for an existing accout or to create a new one. You have to have a Seti account to join the group.

                        It only takes up bandwidth when it's transfering results or new WU's, so very very little. A few hundred k max when it does. You can run it off-line and then transfer when you connect. Thats why I use the Seti Stash program so I don't have to be connected to the net to use it, it will buffer the results to return and then transfer them when it's connected.
                        "We think science is interesting and if you disagree, you can fuck off."


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                          phily, did you get your 100 unit congratulations letter yet?
                          they send you one at 100 wu. at 250 they send you a certificate.
                          i don't know what comes next.

                          (how long does it take you to process a wu? i've got it down to about 15 hours)

                          [edit] oh, and can you regenerate the page? it hasn't added my stats in there yet, just my name... [/edit]


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                            Yeah I got me certifficate and I'm doing about 4hrs/WU . I don't know how to refresh the stats or if i does it automatically or what. Will have a look.
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                              OK I'm in. I did have 107 units completed from ages ago, but I don't have the password for my old account.

                              I never knew about the CLI client, it's ace...
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