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Five Best Movies of All Time

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  • Five Best Movies of All Time

    What are the five best movies of all time? They may not necessarily be your favorites; which ones were the best filmed, acted, photographed, etc. In my opinion these are among the many perfect (American) films I've seen...

    1) The Third Man (the quintessential film noir)

    2) Notorious (Hitchcock's best! Suspenseful & charming)

    3) The Maltese Falcon (Bogart is brilliant, the story- blisteringly paced)

    4) Some Like It Hot (Watch this on the big screen with a packed theater and you'll know what I mean)

    5) City Lights (Is there a more touching moment in film than when the blind flower lady realizes Chaplin's Tramp is the kind, rich man?)

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    Well I can't tell you because I haven't seen a single one of those movies!! But I'm also not sure if any of them are great since I have never even heard of any of them!! Well everyone except "Some like it hot. What year did the others come out in?


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      The Third Man (1949)
      Notorious (1946)
      Maltese Falcon (1941)
      Some Like It Hot (1959)
      City Lights (1931)


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        Omg, no wonder I've never even head of them before!! Who talks about movies in the 40's anymore?


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          They're all available on vhs or dvd... many still play in theaters across the country everyday- they're as relevant as they ever were.


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            Really, how interesting.


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              hmm... (in no particular order)

              1) Dr. Strangelove
              2) 2001
              3) 8 1/2
              4) A Clockwork Orange
              5) American Beauty, maybe

              Okay okay. So I have a thing for Kubrick


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                1. Ace Ventura
                2. Stripes (1981)
                3. The Matrix
                4. Star Wars
                5. and Amazon Women on the Moon (1984 i believe)


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                  Apocalypse Now,
                  The Omega Man,
                  The Shining,
                  2001, and

                  I'm guessing White Soul is of the generation where a modern hollywood blockbuster, or a clone teen movie is more appealing than anything that makes you think, particularly if it is black and white.

                  I've got friends that loved the new Time Machine and Planet of the Apes films; who thought the originals were worse because the special effects were better in the modern films...

                  People these days seem more concerned with eye-candy than plot; it's sad really.
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                    Originally posted by c2R
                    People these days seem more concerned with eye-candy than plot; it's sad really.
                    but The Matrix would've sucked in 1959

                    other oldies but goodies:

                    the Music Man
                    Double Indemnity
                    Rear Window
                    Army Of Darkness
                    Monty Python and the Holy Grail
                    North Vs South
                    Paint your Wagon
                    Gone With the Wind
                    Blazing Saddles
                    the Bride of Frankenstein
                    Airplane (YUS! I should've added that one to my favorite 5 )
                    Send No Flowers
                    The Great Race (another one of my all time faves)


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                      My favourite 5 movies all time
                      -> Lord of the rings(though the books are waaay better)
                      -> Black hawk down(this movie is mind blowing!)
                      -> Saving private Ryan(read above)
                      -> Star wars(what can i say ? ah yah, über)
                      -> South Park,bigger,longer and uncut(no comment)
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                        i don't have a top five, but

                        - "Stand by me" (best movie of all time)
                        - "American Beauty" (some hate, some LOVE)


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                          - Pulp Fiction
                          - Matrix Trilogy
                          - Fight Club
                          - This is Spinal Tap
                          - Lord of the Ring Trilogy


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                            Going by Bop's Criteria of "which ones were the best filmed, acted, photographed, etc.

                            Citizen Kane
                            Touch of Evil

                            My two modern selections would be-
                            Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
                            About Schmidt (Which I really, really liked)


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                              Originally posted by monkey_22

                              - Matrix Trilogy
                              You must have really high expectations seeing as you haven't seen them.