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  • saw "safe" and that new men in black flick, both were decent enough, safe was a pretty typical jason statham flick looking back on it, but pretty enjoyable for what it was, new men in black one was a lot better than i expected but nothing i would have paid to see.
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    • You live out there by Mac. Have you tried Imax 3d? I know they put in an Imax theater at the aviation museum, but haven't been out there to try it.


      • nah i haven't, i thought the only one is the murdock theater at omsi? had no clue there was one near mac.

        either way, i doubt i'd see the point in it, if i really wanted to i could probably figure out a way to watch 3d with VLC and my set of nvidia 3d vision glasses.
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        • As far as I know the OMSI theater only shows educational stuff. It looks like the aviation museum is doing the same right now. They were playing some real movies for a while.


          I've been watching Earth 2 on Netflix. Typical 1995 fare. The men are wimpy, whiny and impotent. The women have balls. The toughest character is a 9 year old girl.

          I'm getting kind of tired of that plot line. No wonder it got cancelled. All the intrigue of having coffee with a bunch of drama fags at a UC Berkeley Starbucks.
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          • John Carter. Meh... It's not a wonder Disney dropped a bundle. It's the formula blockbuster. Starts out a pretty decent story, then 20 minutes of ARRHG!!! KAPOW! SPLAT by a bunch of long haired scantily clad Irish guys, the girl gets a kiss. Somebody gets a gold cookie. The wookie growls. Fade out.

            I found the 12 foot high aliens reminiscent of Jar Jar Binks, although not quite as far fetched. John Carter saves the planet, gets the girl... but we knew that before we started... It's remarkably similar to ERB's original work, but I'm not sure that's an entirely good thing. It's got some Disney comedy that's almost funny. Lynn Collins is pretty cute. Taylor Kitsch seems like a young Johnny Depp on Quaaludes. Willem Defoe as Tars Tarkus. Interesting choice. Not sure it worked. Without his face, DeFoe really might have been anyone.

            You should probably spend a buck and get this on Redbox or something. 6/10. Wait for cable?

            This movie looks expensive, but $250 million? Disney might break even.. probably not.. It's the franchise Disney was looking for. They were looking for a new Star Wars. I think we can safely say this ain't it.


            • Originally Posted by rockouthippie View Post
              As far as I know the OMSI theater only shows educational stuff. It looks like the aviation museum is doing the same right now. They were playing some real movies for a while.
              i thought they played that shitty blue cat people movie when it first came out? i forget the name. i'll give you though that most of the stuff that winds up there is done by that whatshisname that spends an entire 50mil budget on rigging and cameras per movie though.
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              • This was an interesting article about theaters by Roger Ebert.


                • not a bad article, if entirely biased.

                  although, i fully agree except on one point, the problem is not the technology, but the ignorance responsible for operating that technology, 3D videos, movies and games using polarized lenses do definitely create a much darker picture than their 2D counterparts, however, i think it's also important to note that while 60% saw 2D as cited, 40% opted for 3D, i for one am amazed at how many people were willing to give the new technology a fair shake, i honestly thought it would have been much lower than 40% if i'm honest.

                  even still, i think it's important to support the current 3D technology that we do have which is unfortunately not as good as it could be to encourage ******[EDIT] g r o w t h is censored? oh well[/EDIT] and development of new and better 3D technology, take polarized lenses compared to the 3D method used by the 3DS handheld game console by nintendo, both are far from perfect, i'll be the first to admit that, but if the public shuns current polarized technology for being too dark and current 3DS technology for being too sensitive then how much longer will we wind up waiting for a monitor or TV technology that can be viewed from a wide angle without glasses or loss of brightness?

                  possibly, forever and that would be a shame.

                  at any rate, to get back on topic, i went to see the dark knight rises at the drive in tonight, just got back an hour or so ago in fact and it was awesome, they cleared didn't pay any heed to bane's backstory and if i'm totally honest they seemingly intended to miscast him, forgive me for being the voice of reason here, but bane was a mexican child, born in a mexican prison, he was not talia's son although the comics never point to a father in specific either and she did not calm him, his teddy bear did, also, he never was able to form complete sentences at one time before either and yet in this he comes off as some prison monkey with a cheesy british accent dubbed in.

                  all in all though, it was the only movie i bothered to see in the theater the entire year and it was well worth it, 9/10.
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                  • I was reading that people aren't poppin' the extra $5 for 3D and if you watch a movie in 2D they didn't pull the filters so you're half bright.


                    With Gene Siskel being dead, perhaps his ghost inhabits Ebert, who is also now very fucked up and close to being an ex-Ebert. I'll take his estimate with a grain of salt. I see no reason to disagree with his estimate of theaters. His estimate of movies is kinda limp wristed for my taste, but not as effeminate as it used to be.

                    Ebert likes a chick flick I'd pass on. It doesn't make him an idiot. I value his input for choice of movies understanding that he's who he is. I would give proper weight to anything he said understanding we don't like the same cup of tea. I would call him "dead on" about the lack of technical quality you're likely to find if you pop the $50 for taking a date to a movie.

                    I don't have to agree with you for intelligent input to be really useful. As long as I have a consistent frame of reference. Ebert is kinda soppy and sentimental. More power to ya bud. I'm pretty happy there is chocolate and vanilla.


                    • Silent House.

                      Mary Kate and Ashley's little sister Elizabeth running away.... ahhh.... eeek... ahhh.... ahhh for 88 minutes. Gag me with a fork.

                      Sister or Disney cloning lab? No one is quite sure.

                      Moment by moment... second by second.. it will bore the living crap out of you.


                      • Widdykats Recommendations:
                        Girl With The Dragon Tattoo *four paws up
                        Ides Of March...*three paws up
                        Tree Of Life (Like watching cement set , but it's Malick so visually stunning and interesting in it's way)
                        Bridesmaids *Three and and a half paws... Yes! It's funny
                        oh and Beginners..four paws wonderful

                        more to's early....
                        A clip about Beginners
                        He's that adorable! ♥
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                        Ooh, Gabardine


                        • I can't remember the last movie I watched... I think it was the last Harry Potter.
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                          • I just saw 2016: Obama's America. It was disappointing to be honest. Way too much back-story and not enough connect-the-dots. His ultimate premise that the reason Obama does the things he does is because of anti-colonialism I'm not completely sold on. I'm still glad I saw it though because it does give a different perspective and explanation into what he's all about and it may actually be either completely true or just one part of his core worldview. Either way I don't know. I'm not completely sold but I believe it is worth considering.
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                            • Obama isn't sinister. He's just a liberal. He was born in the United States. We own him. He is our garden variety liberal. He isn't a great President, but we haven't had one of those in a long time.

                              If there is something about him that pisses me off, it's his interference with our fuel sources, the cronyism in the green power industry... the $250,000 every Chevy Volt cost the taxpayer so far.

                              Most of the stuff didn't make anything greener, and didn't make any power. I've had employees at Solar World down the street here that they thought it was bullshit (and I quote) that wouldn't exist w/o US and German government funding. They don't think they are making a viable product. They expect to lose their jobs as soon as the public wakes up to the fact that they don't know how to make a truly workable, cost effective solar panel.

                              Before we start tearing down the coal, natural gas and oil industries, we better have that other green energy source. We don't. Not even close.

                              This is Obama's big problem. Green that escapes reason. Should we be investigating green power... absolutely.... Should we implement green power without having any idea how to make it????

                              I think we should have the "Manhattan Project" for green power but we shouldn't deploy anything without it working. First we figure out how to make green power, THEN we deploy it. Now we're deploying things we know don't work and aren't remotely cost effective.

                              We should do the research. When we figure out something that works, then...... we deploy it... then we start cutting into oil, gas and coal.

                              Obama has got the cart before the horse.

                              If you see someone driving a Volt remind them to thank you for paying your taxes. They only paid about 20% of what it cost. We paid the rest.

                              Yay! We can make a green car that costs a quarter million that we can sell for $48,000!

                              Hell, if you're a yuppie, green, tree hugger that can afford 50 grand and doesn't mind driving a geo with a piano in the back, we'll just gift you $200,000 for being such a yuppie nut bar.

                              If you want a Volt.... You buy it! That'll be a quarter million....if Chevy foregoes any profit..... Are you still sold?


                              • Theater wise, Expendables 2... Home, latest Transformers movie.