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  • On Netflix:

    The Way

    This is a beautiful film and a wonderful character study. It's a collaboration between Martin Sheen and Emilio about a pilgrimage in Spain. 8/10.


    • old boy .. an awesome movie ... it is actually in i think in Chinese or Japanese language ,, i have downloaded the English subtitles and watched it .. it was awesome ....


      • Frida. A surrealist movie about the surrealist painter Frida Kahlo. Free to USA and 7/10.


        • My wife rented Jack and Jill a few weeks ago, I'm still mad at her and havent spoken to her since


          • Miserable weather, no football this weekend on account of the Internationals so I'm sat here watching "Support Your Local Sheriff".

            I love them old James Garner movies, brightened up a dull afternoon.



            • Garner is still with us. He turned 84 back in April. I think my mom was in love.


              • Area 407: The Mesa Reserve Incident (2012)

                A small US airliner crashes on a restricted Government reservation in the middle of nowhere. A few civilian guards are posted there. A creature, that is never clearly shown, is running around killing anybody it sees.

                The only thing that made this interesting to watch was the filming technique and the interplay between the passengers and crew that survived the crash, as they alternated between trying to help each other and trying to survive individually. It was a compilation of sequences shoot by a camcorder belonging to one of the passengers (a teenage girl traveling with her older sister). It starts out with the girl filming everyone in the passenger section, with and without their permission. It held together for the most part, but there are times when you begin to wonder who is doing the filming.

                It was presented as a 'true' story made possible by the retrieval of the camcorder.

                Spoiler Warning:

                The guards' job is to kill anybody that wanders onto the the reservation (this isn't made clear until the end). One of the crash survivors turns out to be an air marshal with an automatic pistol, but she isn't able to help much. They are all killed, one by one, by either the creature, each other by accident, or the guards. The last 2 are shockingly killed by a guard. Then the creature gets the guard that killed them.
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                • Abraham Lincoln vs. the Zombies.

                  Destined to be a cult classic


                  • Can't decide which scenes I like best. Young Lincoln with his kung-fu axe, or him jumping from stampeding horse to stampeding horse, or old Lincoln jumping from train car to train car just before they fell off the burning bridge. Hilarious.
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                    • Warlock - 1989

                      At least fair.


                      • Loved this movie when I saw it in the theater... Got it for $3 ebay auction. Holds up decades later... 8/10... Joanna Pacula was great in this. Carried the show.


                        • Originally Posted by rockouthippie View Post

                          Frida. A surrealist movie about the surrealist painter Frida Kahlo. Free to USA and 7/10.
                          Saw it on Starz... Wonderful movie Nice it's on Hulu !:
                          Ooh, Gabardine


                          • I saw "The Hobbit" in 48 fps high rate 3D. Excellent technology, but the movie was not only boring at 2:50, it pissed me off because the end is a teaser. It likely won't tease me into watching a sequel.

                            You could arrive an hour late and not miss anything.

                            There is one part of the movie "My precious" that is outstanding. The Gollum Smeagol and his ring of invisibility. 10 minutes out of 2:50. Peter Jackson is in love with the HFR 3D cameras, so every pan has to include a fade out to a 3D landscape. I found it very annoying. If you watch this movie in 2D, I can't see it holding your attention.

                            Other people liked this movie, and it is a groundbreaking technology. But I thought it was like watching Jello harden. I think it should have been... let's watch this in 2D to make sure we had a movie. I don't think the HFR 3D could shine a turd. Another thing that annoyed me is the soundtrack. It's just so un-gifted.....

                            Maybe if you were stoned, but it would have to be some pretty good weed. 4/10.

                            The HFR 3D technology is "da chit" though. I'm looking forward to some more films using this technology. It's not a substitute for a movie. I left like I was watching a technology test.

                            So kids... you got 2:50 of a movie with 20 minutes of plot. Tolkien nerds will appreciate that the movie does follow the book with extreme accuracy. I'm not that sure it was a good translation to film. Man... where is JJ Abrams when you need him?


                            • Dark Star - Free to US users...

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                              • Role Models

                                It's a comedy that guys can watch, but the gals probably won't like it as much. Some might be ashamed to like it but will like it anyway.
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