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Knight Rider Series on NBC, your opinion?

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  • Knight Rider Series on NBC, your opinion?

    i just watched the first episode, a kind of semi pilot i guess, i remember seeing another hour long one a while back ago, but no series following it, now i've seen a second and NBC is apparently playing it weekly on wednesday now, another hour long one like the last.

    i really liked it a lot, some people are being very harsh on it, mainly for the fact that KITT is a Ford in this series and also because this recent episode shows him kind of "transforming" into an F-150, despite that i think the episodes i've seen so far were very very good, although they really should have laughed at Ford and went with Dodge to be sure, the new charger would have made a much better "new KITT", also coming under fire for the expanded cast as the old series have a very limited cast of returning supporting character (the ones who you actually get a name for, the same 10 villians they used nearly every episode definetly don't count for this, as they're mostly the same people in the old series, just a different disguise mainly), as the series does go back and forth between scenes of either michael and KITT driving (with a new woman, named sarah, sometimes driving with them) and michael's short exits from the car to (i'm guessing this is the part people are booing at mostly) the Knight Industries "base" type area, where KITT is serviced and the people who run computer simulations for problems unforseen to prevent michael/sarah from being killed.

    the car (despite being a Ford ) is much the same though, updated to be sure, but still has the same old KITT feeling for me at least, an example : the old KITT was supposedly indestructible because of the way it was built or the materials or something like that, the new one however is pretty much indestructible thanks to a new system of nanotechnology that allows KITT to "transform" into the F-150 and also mainly facilitates instant repairs of any and all damage KITT may sustain, the older hour long episode showed how that worked a bit more in depth, KITT and michael are chasing a rather large SUV and due to circumstances (KITT's computer being hacked, which is now not possible since then) he has a limited amount of power and is forced to over take the larger vehicle and turn his computer systems back on momentarily to stop in front of the large SUV to stop it, the hacking of course made it so that KITT needed to be off (as a normal car at least) to give more time untill he was hacked and taken control of, it was a very good ending, he speeds ahead fairly damaged from his computer being off and not repairing because of that to turn the computer back on to force the SUV to wreck hitting him as he instantly repairs and drives away perfectly fine with the vehicle doing the hacking (and computer which facilitated the hacking) disabled in the crash.

    so far, from what i can tell, KITT's "Turbo Boost" is no longer a feature to allow KITT to jump, but excessive speeds, although it's only the first episode in the NBC series and i'm guessing they don't have the budget to have KITT performing jumps which would damage it (the original dukes of hazzard, had about 5 to 8 chargers they rebuilt for every single episode) so we may see some of that later as the series hopefully prospers and the budget gets larger.

    so, if you've watched it, what do you think?

    personally, i could do nothing less than give this series a 4 out of 5 stars rating, only because KITT should have been the new charger and not some crap ass Ford.
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    Re: Knight Rider Series on NBC, your opinion?

    Originally posted by Too-DAMN-Much
    personally, i could do nothing less than give this series a 4 out of 5 stars rating, only because KITT should have been the new charger and not some crap ass Ford.
    I could go along with that for now, but it could go either way. I also like Smallville.


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      I saw the poilit movie, and it was fun. Not the best writing, but good campy fun full of action and somewhat funny. But the series, utter drek. Besides for being one long Ford comercial, the transformer cvar just gets old (it can turn into anythintg, as long as it is a Ford). Just way too over the top. The main character ia utter douche.

      With all the TV I watch I am glad it sucks. I have to give it a 2 out of 5. And is mostly for the hotties.
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        at least the ford GT in the last episode was a cameo and not something KITT turned into
        i'd have to agree on the way too over the top if he did.

        even still, like i mentioned before, they've got a few new tricks for KITT to do for the fans (instant repair instead of unbelievable invulnerability, transforming, he actually jumped the last episode too), i'm thinking as the series goes on the budget and "cool factor" will increase, at least hopefully.

        and i think KITT's voice actor does a good job this time too, not bad writing as well, that's part of the interesting part to me, the whole computer that knows everything trying to figure out us insane humans.
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          Never watched it but I don't think this show will last to long. I think it will end up being shuffled around on various nights trying to find an audience and then eventually will get canned.
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            because most of the fans of the original series are the minority of who watches it and the viewers who've probably never seen the original constantly complain about it being corny when in fact the original was worse?

            because it's a cleverly disguised ford commercial and too many people drive hondas?
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              I think the new Knight Rider is kind of cheesy. More so than the original. With the transforming thing and such. I have to say that "attack mode" is the ugliest thing I've ever seen.

              The fact that it's a Ford isn't a big problem for me.
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                Originally posted by drewbar
                The main character ia utter douche.
                Er, it wouldn't be Knight Rider if he wasn't.


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                  well.... hopefully things will get better soon, supposedly the two FBI agents, or minority quota fillers as i think of them (neither has ever had a major role in the story of an episode so far and neither is a good actor either.) are getting the well deserved heave-ho soon.

                  i don't have the report link anymore for where i saw it, and it's not from the creators so it's possible it won't happen, but the consensus seems to be it's truth that's just unverified so far.

                  and it's not just because these two are obviously only there so they can say with honesty they're an equal opportunity show, it's because neither character is well acted or written, i mean come on, the two of them collectively anytime they're part of the actual plot, it's something hinting at they just want to steal KITT or make another one for FBI use, that is explained away later for the most part, now THAT'S corny.

                  and again, go watch some of the old knight rider series, the first and second seasons, the only recurring cast is the hoff, KITT the two people in the semi and the same 3-5 generic no name bad guys that were recycled into a different outfit for every episode, there were guest appearances yeah, but even further, i've been rewatching the entire series, around the end of the first season it stops being painfully corny, example...
                  some episode he's driving along and has to use turbo boost to jump, ok nothing wrong with that, but on the other hand, how believable is it that this car that supposedly is the most high tech thing in the world has a dashboard you could easily find the switches to make yourself at any electronics store and to top it off, label maker tape, umm... wow... yeah this isn't corny at all from the beginning , to be honest, the original show was near the beginning a show you could do most of from your garage and neighborhood if you really wanted to, writing aside of course.
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                    I like this show, but I wouldn't expect too much of it on an intellectual level. Fast cars, hot babes and plot lines that really don't ask a lot of you. OK, so KITT is a Ford. He probably gets really sh*tty gas mileage. At least that's something.


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                      I watch the knight rider series but i did not like it much. I is not much interesting to me.


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                        I am a sort of fan of this series since my childhood. But it is not like that you can watch again and again. It is a good series with limited time appeal.


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                          Really it's a great show i also love to watch it