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    The End is a Seattle radio station that in the last five years had gone downhill (played nothing but the new stuff) and lost it's standing as the area's alternative station. But, the new program director actually has a brain and knows how to use it! He's reincorporated the older bands bakc into the playlist!

    In the past two days, I've heard songs from:

    The Cure
    Depeche Mode
    Dead Kennedy's
    New Order
    Sound Garden (and most the Seattle sound bands)

    and soooo many more from the late 80's and early 90's. I'm just amazed that a radio station actually listened to it's listeners! Now, I've got something to listen to in the car while experiencing road rage

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    You are so lucky. Here in the UK we have crap and I mean crap stations. Thankfully, digital radio does gives us some very good stations.
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      haha, nice ShyShy. What corporation owns 107.7 The End? ClearChannel?

      Here, we have the weirdest lineup. Theres 104.7 The Edge, an alternative radio station that NO ONE CAN LISTEN TO because there is so much static. They still haven't solved that problem since they moved on the band from 107.9.
      Then a new alternative radio station jumped in called 103.3 The Zone. Better selection and less hard-core rock.

      There is 100.3 The Peak, (named of course after the antenna on the peak of the Sandia Mountains next to Albuquerque). They are sort of pop-rock and a little alternative.

      I have fallen in love with M88. 88.3, its called Massive Radio. They have over a dozen translators across New Mexico. Its a Christian radio station, and they have a nice variety of Christian pop-music and rock, then some rap/jump music. They're an ad-free station, there are some "announcements" but they are annoucements like "Remember, check your lines twice before climbing........... and M88 thanks Stone Age climbing gym for sponsoring this hour of commercial free music on M88."
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        107.7 is in experimental mode at the momemt. i called and put my two cents in.lately its been only music. did DJ NONAME and Steve get the holidays off?
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          Well over here I refuse to listen to radio, because all they seem to pu on is rap, hip-hop and pop, it all sucks and so do the radio stations, your quite lucky Shy.
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