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How many gigs of music on your hard drive/Stats

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    hasn't this been done before?
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        What if the RIAA or Ohio U is watching? I could be forced to watch an 8 minute anti-piracy video!

        39.6 gigs of umm...'stuff' last time I checked.
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          That's Ohio University that you're talking about I think. They're #1 in piracy these days according to the newspaper.

          Kent State is in the top 20, other Ohio colleges aren't in the top 20 that I've heard about.
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            Heh, thanks for the correction. I should know but sometimes I skim the stories I post and don't hit every single detail. I recently posted a story about the RIAA and a university in Ohio that punishes students by making them watch an anti-piracy video to Breaking News.


            *goes to edit his previous post*


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              Yeah, there was a story in the Akron Beacon Journal 2-22-07 about that - made the front page. I thought it was funny too that they're making the offenders watch a dumbass video. They do make the offenders show the process of deleting the files from the computer too (under university supervision), and that's all on first offense.

              Second offences can mean fines.

              Apparently the RIAA can't figure out who exactly the offender is on campus, just that it was a student from that network, so they leave it to the University to monitor and enforce the first couple offenses, and if they don't show proof of enforcement, they sue the university.

              At the university in my town (Akron), they usually slap on rather huge fines ($2000.00 - $10,000.00) on the first offense without sympathy, and they make headlines every time a student gets busted, so piracy is much less a noticeable problem here. Students that do share music generally know how to keep it quiet (direct portable HDD transfers, etc.).
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                  Between drives and discs - about 150gigs but have access to four 250gig ex Naps*** drives

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                    on my laptop and almost 150 GB on my external hdd which can be hooked up with my laptop, car radio and xbox.
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                      A tiny 8.54 GB (Yay I have the second smallest)
                      (I have some other music but I can't be arsed to tell winamp where it is as it not much)

                      1939 tracks in playlist, average track length: 4:00
                      Estimated playlist length: 129 hours 47 minutes 7 seconds
                      (2 tracks of unknown length)

                      Only Nightwish is > 100 (108)


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                        I HAVE ABOUT 80,000 SONGS (380GIGS) ITS ALL ON AN EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE.[IMG][/IMG]


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                          I probably have the least of all. Including duplicates and test files, just 2.4 GB. Ignoring duplicates and test files, a measely 0.9 GB and that's all in WAV files (true speed is either 50,000 or 100,000 Hz, either 8 or 16-bit, and always mono). I have less than 100 songs, but with changing the speed (by modifying the sample rate), this seems more like 2000 and the songs are listened to sometimes for days or even weeks on end (my current one is approaching 3 weeks with over 14,000 plays in Winamp).
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                            i'm lame, i only have 3gb... better get torrenting... wait, i didn't just say that out loud, did i?


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                              3gb would probably be quite a good amount if you only wanted what was really good.

                              It would fit on most modern day mp3 players, so it's actually not bad at all.

                              It's all a matter of practicality. If you have an eclectic taste and a wide variety of music to enjoy, it might be hard to have limits, but a lot of people have a specific taste, where it doesn't take a server full of hard drives to store what you need.
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                                Holy shit, Ypsi. I went to college in that city.

                                Music. Well, traktor is telling me that the stuff I use to DJ with only is 28.4 gig. Christ, the money that I have spent on that. 1817 tracks at .... nope, not going to think about it.
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