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Does anyone have documentation for this cd set?

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  • Does anyone have documentation for this cd set?

    Hello all.

    I have a 3 cd set of "Classic Love Songs" with the BMG Special Products label. Barcode 755174595127, Cat# 75517459512. I have the original fat case with labeling. Here's my problem. In researching this set on the internet I found that the principle artist is the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. There is NOTHING on the cover info or medium that references "RPO".

    The cover states "Original Artists - Original Recordings" such as Petula Clark, Harry Belafonte etc.. In playing the tracks the artists voices ring true BUT there is orchestral embellishment. It appears that RPO played the original artists tracks and superimposed their orchestral arrangement on top of it.

    Does anyone happen to have a booklet that came with this set? I would really appreciate a scanned copy. For you aficionados, I'm sure you understand my desire to have as much detail as possible for my collection. Yes, I have researched and found no true documentation.

    Sincerely, Zeekid