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Hello I have a two personal inquires

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  • Hello I have a two personal inquires

    Hello my name is Empte! I am a music lover and producer of Glitch Hop Bass Music and IDM, and I was curious if I would be able to use the winamp slogan "it really whips the llamas ass!" In some of my songs, I would gladly represent winamp in any way possible as well because I am a personal huge fan for quite some time, I am also curious (and I know this has already been answered a few different times) if it is alright to use milkdrop visualizations in some of my first YouTube releases, more specifically I am wanting to use a preset done by EoS + Phat, so that is more directed towards them, but I also would love to have permission from others just to make sure I don't offend anyone or disrespect a community I truly hold dear!
    Anyways thank you, I am releasing my first three tracks tonight so if anyones curious about my music I can also post some links^^^

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      I doubt that slogan is copyrighted. You should be able to use it. Regardless, there is little chance that Winamp's attorneys are going to come after you, unless you're explicitly using it in a derogatory manner. Otherwise pretty much all of modern sampled music wouldn't be possible

      Interestingly, the slogan itself was inspired by a song:


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        Well thank you I appreciate that information and that's awesome! I love art inspiring art!^__^ and I could never slander winamp, has rocked my mind in too many awesome ways for me not wanting to just share the love haha! Until next time!
        Michael S. Meyer~