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Any music creator/editor/producer?

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  • Any music creator/editor/producer?

    I just bought a new MacBook Pro and I heard a lot about this "Garageband" app for music production. I have a passion for composing music and beats from my Computer so, I just want some advice on whether I should invest my time using this app or not?

    Right now I am using Audacity on my windows system but I am looking for some change.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Yes, you can try your hands on garageband for sure. It is quite easy to use with a nice interface and One should definitely try their hands on this app.

    But the thing is you are already using Ableton right? And Ableton Live is a full-featured DAW and garageband is not. Garageband has its limitations and is not a complete DAW. So it might disappoint you if you compare it with a full-featured DAW.

    I used Garageband when I started my music production journey with basic editing and mixing. I wonder how it has developed over the years but now I don’t have a Macbook right now. Is there a way I can use MacOS apps on my windows system?


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      Thank you for your 2 cents on this matter. I will definitely try this then.
      I can't tell you how it has developed over the years because I never used it before but you can refer to this guide here which shows how you can run Garageband (macOS app) in Windows PC.

      I have never done this myself so I can't say if that's gonna work or not. You have to try this yourself.