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  • Bitching at Microsoft

    Do you hate Microsoft? Then this post is for you!

    I tested hundreds of programs in my life and the ones that I bitch at the most are the applications (not games) that Microsoft Corporation makes!

    Office - WordPerfect has more functions, features, and is more stable than Microsoft's shitty office suite~

    Windows Media Player - Audio Quality is shit! Video doesn't work 50% of the time! Recording can only be done in WMA format! Updates are shit! Hogs too much f*ing memory! Too much crap! Skins and visualizations are impossible to make! I'd go for RealPlayer, RealJukebox, Sonique, QuickTime, and Winamp (ESPECIALLYY WINAMP)instead!

    DirectX - Another useless thing htat Microsoft makes gaming companies use! Most games run fine without DirectX!

    Microsoft Utilities - I'm talking ScanDisk, Disk Cleanup, Disk Defragmenter, and all those utilities! Norton's utilities are faster, more accurate, and more stable!

    FrontPage- Pathetic! There's no need for those "BOTS" and it lacks many features that Netscape Composer, Adobe GoLive, and Macromedia DreamWeaver have!

    PhotoDraw - I haven't used PhotoDraw, but I'd have a good feeling that CorelDRAW, Corel PhotoPAINT, Adobe Illustrator, Gimp (for Linux), and Adobe Photoshop are 1000 times better than that clunker!

    Internet Explorer - That has to be the shittiest program in the universe! Netscape and Mozilla really beat the crap out of this browser! Netscape & Mozilla are faster, more stable, have more features, and are more customizable!

    Got anything else to bitch at Microsoft or if you want to criticize, feel free to post!

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    Microsoft devellops mostly for pc newbies I guess. That's why I think they make the software they make. As for DirectX. I think it's a great initiative to create a set of drivers which gives the game industry something to hold on to, so games will look the same (and equally good) using different video cards. It's the same sorta thing as opengl or glide, only it's not limited to any brand of cards (that's why it's good).

    IE has been the best for a long time, 'cause Netscape's support for new standards (such as CSS) was poor. Now with Netscape 6 they've FINALLY catched up with IE, therefore I think they're virtually the same. Nevertheless I prefer IE 'cause it loads faster than ns.


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      Deleted duplicate and moved to Bitchlist


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        my desktop trash can is named microsoft


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          Here's my opinions:

          M$ Office: I definitely agree there. WP has better features, is more stable, and doesn't have that friggin' annoying paperclip in it!!
          WiMP 7: Don't get me started. Winamp is better.
          DirectX: The only Microsoft program I don't mind, unless of course it's time to download the latest version. But I have a cable modem so it's only a minor inconvenience.
          M$ Utilities: Never tried Norton Utilities, is it as high quality a program as Norton AntiVirus? (Yes I like Norton AV, Dr. Solomon can go to heck.)
          FrontPage: Don't design many web pages, so don't care.
          PhotoDraw:There is something better than all of those. Download the demo of Paint Shop Pro from
          Internet Exploiter: Eh, not bad. I use Opera for most of my browsing and only dust off IE when Opera won't load a page correctly.

          I guess you could say I have Kein Mitlied Für Microsoft
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            -lol, thats funny, KMFDM is good but it's too bad they switched to MDFMK


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              IE 6 BETA 2 is pretty cool. using it now actually. its got this wicked "personal bar" that has news, weather, and integrated media player. hate 2say, but it is kinda convenient not to launch winamp evry time i want 2play a sound clip.
              missyob made me post this.


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                Here's my thoughts:

                WHY Microsoft chooses to make their Win95-type OSes worse and worse is beyond me. Win95 is the FASTEST OS made by MS, and pretty damn stable. Yet with each progressive upgrade (win98, ME), the OS gets slower & buggier, with more crap you didn't need. I still use Win95, especially on my Dell150 laptop, because when I installed 98 on it, Mp3s would not play, it was INSANELY slow, and it WOULDN'T EVEN PLAY CDS!

                Windows NT is another story. It's been getting progressively better in comparison. In addition to 95, Win2k is on my system, and I love it. It's fast, it's stable, and it's compatable (contrary to what I originally heard). WinXP is still new territory for me, and I don't have the bandwidth to get a beta, but rest assured I'll try it out when it's available. It can't be TOO bad, since it's based on Win2k. But then again I could be terribly wrong...

                WMP6.4 was a great player. Why they went to WMP7 I have NO idea. I'm sure most regular users will ooh & aah over it, because it's got pretty skins, but Sonique & others do a way better job, and do it faster. It's all about asthetics now, not functionality & speed.

                Ampli, you're not one to talk about IE because you're seriously biased on this issue. IE is actually a great broweser, IMO. There are many others who agree. Think I'm biased too? wrong. I currently have 3 other browesers on this machine: Opera (which I'm also using on my laptop as the sole browser, no IE), Mozilla (Netscape without the crap), and Kmeleon. Currently I'm trying out Opera because I may consider making a switch, should it speed up win2k. Otherwise, IE is a very fast, and very stable browser in my experience.

                DirectX isn't a problem for me. It works for my games, so it works for me. I also agree with Zorpidus on this one.

                Frontpage is a fairly nice WebPage editor, great for newbies to the scene, but the only problem (and a big one, at that) I have with it I'll mention in a sec...

                Office is too frickin' bulky for me. I've recently switched to alternatives like the stuff at - I have nothing good to say about Word.

                I haven't used PhotoDraw, but I have Microsoft Image Composer, which I like very much. Sure, there are probably some programs that do certain stuff better, but that doesn't make this a bad program, in fact it's pretty damn good. I still like other photo programs as well, and use them, but also use MIC.

                I won't bitch at MS utils because I have nothing to bitch about - I don't use them, and I don't use Norton Utils, either. The times I HAVE used them, they worked fine, and I didn't see any reason to bitch. They came with Windows, allright? I don't see any reason to bitch about them, at least they're there.

                My MAIN problem with microsoft is program registration. My dad got 2 copies of frontpage from his school where he works (we're not dumb enough to pay for them ourselves), which we've installed on our computers. The problem is we have to register. OK, fine. But I format. And change components. And when you do THAT, the key doesn't work! What's more, you get a max. of 2 key codes per CD, so we're screwed unless we call MS & bitch. I HATE THIS. I HATE IT WITH A PASSION! I'm almost compelled to buy the $6 demo so I can get the crack for it & have it WORK instead of quitting after 50 or so times.


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                  Office - A great suite of tools and programs - if a bit hefty, but i must say, i've never used anything else

                  Windows Media Player - Er, agreed wmp7 was piss poor, but wmp6 wasnt bad at all.

                  DirectX - "Most games run fine without DirectX" - please tell me how you managed this? or is it that you restrict yourself to solitare and hearts?

                  Microsoft Utilities - Not bad for freebies, Norten Utils are to hefty.

                  FrontPage - Lets be serious? you expect them to spend lots of time and money making a prog like this which the have to include in their OS? Proggies like dreamweaver cost hundreds, so do MS OS's, so they don't want to go about doubling the price of their already epensive OS's, you should feel privlidged that they actually bothered to include them.

                  PhotoDraw - See above.

                  Internet Explorer - Your joking arn't you? I've only got 192ram and frankly, i dont want 30megs worth taken up by a slow to load browser (ie netscape) IE can view just about any page, I tend to switch between Opera and IE.

                  ReDVsion: Yes 9x I don't like at at all, but have you tried 98SE? its not bad. Agreed, win2k is the best MS OS out there. "when I installed 98 on it, Mp3s would not play" er? surley this isnt the fault of 98 as i think rather alot of people using 98 can play mp3s

                  All in all, i think alot alot of critisism leveled at microsoft is either from people who havnt properly evaulated their products, and/or wants to appear somehow 'elite' by critisising MS products.


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                    Office - Sorry but no. WP for me.

                    Windows Media Player - HELL NO !!! This takes forever to load. I use gdivx for my movies and stuff.

                    DirectX - I have no probs with this either.

                    Microsoft Utilities -Norton is the way to go.

                    FrontPage - LOL Dreamweaver rules.
                    PhotoDraw - Don't use it. Corel is my prog (not that I really use it)

                    Internet sExplorer - This is not a good browser I only use it to visit forums cuz opera (my primary browser) won't load those pages properly.

                    But in general I do feel Ms is making shitty stuff but all the newbies use it so they have this great chunk of the market which pays for the further development of more stupid progs by MS...
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                      Jaff: On my dell 150 laptop, even CDs wouldn't play, and this is 98SE. When I formatted & installed 95, everything worked like a charm. 98 IS slow - the only reason I got it was for USB support, which I now am able to get w/ win95. The only way I get 98 to work the way I want it is by using 98lite or Revenge Of Mozilla, which removes IE & IE integration, and switches the shell to the win95 shell. Then I can reinstall IE5, but still have the faster shell.

                      As for word, try that link - it's a 15mb replacement for Word & Excel. Works w/ .doc files.

                      Weed: why doesn't opera work on the forums? Works just fine on my comp.


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                        Originally posted by ReDVsion

                        Weed: why doesn't opera work on the forums? Works just fine on my comp.
                        It just doesn't load properly.
                        I don't get it but just every forum it doesn't work properly.
                        "Insanity -- a perfectly rational adjustment to an insane world."
                        -R. D. Lang


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                          Hold on there! I think everyone's flipped their corks! Windows ME worked way better than Windows 98 on my PC! The only things I couldn't get working properly were upgrading DirectX (installation stalls the PC) and Netscape 6 (Well, I installed Mozilla first, so it wouldn't be a Windows ME related problem). Also, before the crash, IE 5.5 caused illegal operations, stalled, and shutted down on me every 30 minutes! Also, their Active Desktop is the shittiest component one could have! It always caused me trouble. If you think I'm crazy, then here's something! IE 6! When I tried to install this shitty program, at 2/3 of install completed, my PC stalled. I tried rebooting my system and Windows wouldn't boot up! Then, I hunted for the problem and I found out that IE 6 F*ED up the file system (C:\WINDOWS\IFSHLP.SYS) ! So I had to reformat my hard drive, which made me lose all of my data, even those over 6000 Winamp AVS Presets and my 160 songs ! That was the worst crash I ever suffered on my computer! After reloading everything on, there's nothing wrong now, except for the two things I mentioned at the beginning!

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                            AmpliDex: It's IE6.0 *BETA*. I know people expect reasonable stability from beta releases, but going by MS history on beta products, I wouldn't touch them with a barge poll :/


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                              Word: Bloated. "Vegas Lights?" What possible use can you have for something that doesn't even print? To amuse newbies? It's stupid! And then the stupid POS tries to predict what you're doing and is wrong 99.99% of the time! Auto-setting tabs, capitalizing stuff, die!

                              Office Assistant: The most annoying thing ever created. I think I'll make a new screen saver about nuking the damn thing.

                              FrontPage: Didn't the MS idiots decide to invent their own HTML for this? I think they did. (i.e. <strong> instead of <b>.) I'm not overly knowlegable about this, though.

                              Notepad: A fine program, beats the hell out of Netscape Composer for HTML editing. Except that it can't open huge files.

                              "My Documents" folder: I save nothing here, yet all the programs automatically start in this folder when I click open.

                              Active Desktop: It sucks, why does it need to be enabled for JPEGs and GIFs???

                              MSN Messenger Service: Preinstalled in Windows. Takes up space on my system tray. Die.

                              IE: Better than Netscape except that it puts one of those goddamn undeletable icons on the desktop. How do I delete it? Hmmmmm... DOS?

                              WiMP: It really, really sucks.

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