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Best way to commit suicide...

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  • Best way to commit suicide...

    Well, so far the car exhaust method seemed to be the least painful, but I'd like everyone else's input (It's just been one of those days all year).

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    I don't think there's a no-hurt solution for your problem. I'd go for the car exhaust too, or else the good ol' trick with the razorblades

    Aren't there "Suicide Hot Lines"? They most certainly will help you! Maybe it's even a toll free 1-800 number


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      Pills. Hard to get strong ones nowadays, though.


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        Don't drink a cup of windex. I know (of) a girl who tried it, but it didn't work..

        Hawk606 posts, hell freezes over and eggs taste good.


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          strangle yerself w/a network cord. or, a hollow point to tha head.
          missyob made me post this.


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            ok here it goes...

            Buy to pack of Heavy Tobacco..
            Put a kettle on with water.
            when it boils put the tobacco in the kettle.
            Let it boil for an hour.
            then get the tobacco out. (I don't know the english word for it.) so now you have some watery fluid.
            put it in a bowl and let it dry up.. the water goes away cuz of the heat.. (againn I dont know the englsih word)

            then there remains a white powder..
            this you add to a glass of water and you drink it..
            You'll feel you getting tired very fast.
            then you go to sleep really nice.. and you never wake up..
            you'll be dead without feeling a thing
            "Insanity -- a perfectly rational adjustment to an insane world."
            -R. D. Lang


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              The Targus retractable network cord has a red button (on the upper side of the plastic case -- not shown in the pic). The cord retracts back into the case forcefully when you press that button.

              You can whip yourself to death with the out-of-control flying cord during a forceful retraction!
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                Hack yourself to death with an axe. It'll get you attention if you survive, at least.


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                  I'd suggest sky-diving without using the parachute, while high (might as well be, since you won't have to worry about the long term health and brain effects).


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                    Stand in the middle of the tracks and attempt to stop a train moving at full speed.


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                      I still think stepping off a tall building has the most ... "impact?" i'm so hilarious

                      The movie "The hudsucker proxy" has a great example of it-

                      And if you do step off a building, make sure you are wearing a suit and a 50's style fedora like hat. And when you go out on the ledge, lose your balance and make sure you catch and hold on to the hour hand on the big clock


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                        starve yourself, burn yourself at the stake, bang your head into a wall, hack off your legs and arms, um.....

                        oh wait, you want it painless.
                        die in an airplane crash


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                          Post removed at ethan_h's request.

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                            Bung up every hole on your body with epoxy resin, sit, wait to explode.

                            Cover yourself in steaks, throw your self in the local zoo lion pit


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                              weed - what's up with the tobacco method? How effective is it? Moreover, how does it work? Any unforseen side effects?