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Obama in Austin May 9th

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  • Obama in Austin May 9th

    Obama can kiss my fuzzy white American ass. I may go to the airport just to see the plane. I don't care to see that asshole called President.
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    going to the airport to see the plane is at least doubtfull....

    but if you are going , than stand for your posting, drop the pants, turn around and show him your white ass.
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      Probably shouldn't give me good ideas... lol
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        Fuck. We're starting to sound like a bunch of liberals pissing on parked cars. I'm gonna pray for the guy. I think Obama is a guy with conscience, if misguided. He will not be the end of civilization as we know it. Romney wasn't a magic bullet.

        I subscribe to a variety of blogs and news about politics. Impeach Bush Now! Impeach Obama now! It's like we're watching pro-wrestling....


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          I also agree that he is not perfect but I must say there are a lot of guys way worse than him in this world so in a way I'm glad by the time he stayed