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  • I'm offended

    So you're offended by a Confederate battle flag... FUCK YOU!!! I'm offended that you're offended by it. Hell, you've been calling it THE Confederate flag. Educate yourselves on US history please and then you can bitch and complain about it assholes.

    LGBT community... I have nothing against you personally. I know a few in the LGBT community. Awesome folks. Just don't go to a religious bakery demanding a cake. Move on to the next place until you find one that makes a cake for you without question.

    If you were/are offended by this post you can FUCK OFF!! Fucking moronic fucking mother fuckers....

    Have a nice day!!
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    Not offended, just disappointed by your simple minded garbage.


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      Face it the days of the Confederate flag are well and truly over!

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      Simple minded Rants like this aren't needed or wanted in society.....

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        I'm offended by those who continue to honor and celebrate a long and shameful period in America's past (not just the Confederacy, but what lead up to it).

        deeder7001, you need to educate yourself on what it means to be humane. I pray that your children and/or any young people you have contact with are, or will be, better educated than you.
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          I see the Right to be Offended is alive and well.

          Here, get offended some more....
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