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What is with software companies & Bullshit?

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  • What is with software companies & Bullshit?

    I've seen a blog post by a certain software developer & It's full of LIES from start to finish.

    They slate FREE software saying that it's inferior to theirs (when it isn't) in a vain hope of making a sale of their badly coded POS.

    Only in America/Canada would a software company get away with stunts like that.

    They'd have been reported to Trading standards or the ASA by now if they were UK based.
    The piece of software they are trying to say is inferior is a program i've used for FIVE years.

    Despite what they might try and BS people with, there are no catches or contracts or messy registration/activation Unlike their software & it really is FREE.

    Why the need for BULLSHIT?? No one will trust you if you bullshit to your customers ALL the time....

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