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SHOUTcast for Business - My experience

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  • SHOUTcast for Business - My experience

    Hereby I would like to share my experience on SHOUTcast for Business with you.

    I was hoping that with SHOUTcast for Business I would get more b.e. more reliable advertising. However, I have heard less and unreliable advertising than if I hosted the SHOUTcast server myself, which I am now doing again.

    The SHOUTcast for Business Server was often unreachable with https or took longer to load. For the price of SHOUTcast for Business, I can only recommend that you host the SHOUTcast server yourself and subscribe to SHOUTcast Premium or alternatively have a SHOUTcast server hosted by a third party. You can usually get away with it even cheaper. I pay about 11€ for the server, where the SHOUTcast server is running on. Additionally 11,78€ for SHOUTcast Premium. But the SHOUTcast server supports at least 1.000 concurrent listeners, for which you definitely pay more with SHOUTcast for Business. I will promise you that you will be happier and definitely have more uptime.

    So I can NOT recommend SHOUTcast for Business.


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    Shoutcast was my choice too but I failed with that ( unfortunately). Then I've decided to use only crm for my business. Now I'm looking for crm ideas