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Messagebox counting down - possible?

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  • Messagebox counting down - possible?

    can you tell me if it is possible to make messagebox, that appears only for defined seconds i.e 5 seconds, and if user doesn't take any action(change default button) the messagebox will disappear.
    If the user does not press no button in 5 seconds NO is assumed.
    PHP Code:
      MessageBox MB_DEFBUTTON2|MB_YESNO|MB_ICONQUESTION "Skip licence?" IDYES Skip 

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    hmm, maybe that's possible with some api-calls through the system.dll plugin.
    i'll see what i can do.

    for references about api-calls, look here:
    Microsoft Development Network (MSDN)
    hand by [email protected]
    WiKi pages:CreateInternetShortcut|Enhanced FindWindow|Parse CSV-Data|Open/Close CD-Drive|Installer without Icon|Vista application compatibility


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      it is somehow certainly possible, only i don't know how. I have seen this thing in program demos, informing user that they are using demo version, and giving two opportunities, whether to run demo, or to register program.


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        Probably it can be possible using an external silent program executed before MessageBox sending a message to the installer through SendMessage to close this message box.

        I didn't test to send the message ${WM_CLOSE}, but as the description shows, it tries to close the program passing through program's code to do it (so not everytime it can close the program).
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