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Need to make sure MS Accees does before installing runtime

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  • Need to make sure MS Accees does before installing runtime

    I have an Access runtime I want to install, but I want to make sure the user does not have access before installing the runtime. I try using SearchPath, GetFullPathName but none seem to work. I can get IfFileExits to word, but I must know the path. Can this be done better maybe using ReadRegStr, something that will let me know the version of Aceess if it does exits.

    Function accessfullpath
    SearchPath $2 "msaccess.exe"
    GetFullPathName $3 "msaccess.exe"
    ;messagebox MB_OK "access path: $2"
    DetailPrint "NSIS is installed at: $2"
    DetailPrint "NSIS is installed at: $3"
    IfFileExists "C:\program files\microsoft office\office11\msaccess.exe" 0 +2
    MessageBox MB_OK "access is installed"


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    SearchPath only searches in common folders like System.
    GetFullPathName converts paths to short, or vise-versa (ie C:\Program Files => C:\Progra~1 in short)

    Search your local registry to find a suitable registry key.
    Microsoft Office until now as far as I know is always installed in $PROGRAMFILES\Microsoft Office because the installers never let you install anywhere else!
    But still, searching for a file or folder is never a very good solution because you could always have duplicate file or folder names on a system.