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2.07 beta still listed on SourceForge files. Intended?

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  • 2.07 beta still listed on SourceForge files. Intended?


    still lists 2.07 Beta 0 (May 28, 2005).

    Is this intended, or should it be removed?

    Just a nit, but HTM

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    It's intended. There's no reason to hide any version. If someone wants to use an old version, so be it.
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      Fine with me ... and I can understand this being the case for the "Files" section of the SourceForge project, but it seems odd to have "2.07 Beta 0" showing up on the Summary page.

      AFAIK, it isn't the case that this version is more stable than 2.10 or a "unstable cutting edge version under development with untested features"

      Just a possible nit these eyeballs came across ... doesn't really matter I guess. HTH.


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        Frankly, I doubt that anyone cares.
        It's just a convenient location to place alpha or beta releases. It so happens that the last such release for 2.07 Beta 0, so it shows up on the main project page.
        I suppose it could be hidden, but then someone like me, who likes to have every possible release or pre-release of NSIS for compatability testing (with EclipseNSIS, in my case), would not be able to find it.

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