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[NSIS 2.4)Again some questions

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  • [NSIS 2.4)Again some questions

    Hi guys,

    thanks for ur answers in my last thread . it was getting confusing in that thread, so i opened a new one...
    my questions are:

    1.)Is it possible to display a big picture, which fills the whole monitor (or the most part of it) in the background, when the Program is being installed by NSIS? (like in a game installation)

    2.) How to play a sound at the starting of a installation?

    3.) Is it possible to change the background colour (which is grey)?

    4.) i wrote XPStyle on at the starting of my script, but the xp style was not used by nsis. why?

    5 Is it possible to increase the size of the installation window?

    thanks guys, i hope u can help me again

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    1) look at the example in NSIS\Examples\BgImage
    2) same example also plays a sound
    3) yes do a search in the forums for background color or control colors I think theres some mui macro that does it
    4) not sure
    5) yes get a program called resource hacker and open whatever modern ui exe file your installer uses ,there in NSIS\Contrib\UIs and then resize everything


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      thanks man...i will try it out and let u know whether it worked or not =)