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    I'm Trying now for several hours but i can't get the Logging to work properly.
    What i want to do is to Save the Content of the Details window into a file.

    What i did so far was:
    - a whole lot of googleing and searching this forum
    - getting a logging activated version of NSIS
    - Figuring out that in order to user Logging i have to set "LogSet on" in the beginning of each section.

    So. Know i have a ridiculously large log which contains the DetailPrint entries but not the other DetailsWindow data, along with other unnecessary data.

    Logging has to work for the Silent installation too.

    Since no clear answer to this Problem exists, i hope to find one here.
    Is it even Possible to dumb the DetailsWindow-Content to a File in a Way which works in a Silent installation too?
    If yes: Do i do it with LogSet?

    I've checked all the Plugins but they don't seem to solve my Problem. Maybe i just misunderstand their description...

    I hope you guys can Help me or point me at least to the right Direction.


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    You must not have used the right search terms...

    See the NSIS help file, Appendix "D.4 Dump Content of Log Window to File".

    Via google search terms: nsis details window log
    1st result:
    Useful Information - NSIS Wiki
    D.4 Dump Content of Log Window to File. This function will dump the log of the installer (installer details) to a file of your choice. ... - Cached - Similar

    Edit: Oh, I just noticed you want it to work in Silent installations as well. No-can-do on that front.
    You'd have to write a macro that performs both DetailPrint and a file-write to a log file. But that won't automatically capture the automated entries for e.g. File operations.. so you'd have to write a macro for those, too.
    The alternative is to take the log file you've got now, read it line-by-line, and write out the lines you're interested in to your actual log file.


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      I smell a feature request..

      New Command
      DetailToLog [<FileName>|Enable|Disable]
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      Regards ^_^

      Search the Forums and the Wiki


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        well, technically, the logging build already logs just about everything.. the 'problem' is that it outputs too much... while a DetailPrint+Log outputs too little. But it's easier to fix the first (parse the log file) than the latter (technically can't).


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          So i have my clear answer now. Thank you and it's just too bad it's this complicated.
          I guess i will deactivate logging for know...

          Regards, stopasking