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Un-installer not deleting Start Menu shortcuts

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  • Un-installer not deleting Start Menu shortcuts

    Recently I've been working on an installer using NSIS 2.46. One of the things it does is to set up some shortcuts in a new folder in the user's Start Menu. The installer works fine, but for some reason, the un-installer is not deleting the Start Menu shortcuts, even though I've written the uninstall portion of the script to do so. I'm stumped, because I've written NSIS installers in the past that have worked fine, and I'm modeling my new script after ones I've done before. I've tested it in Windows 7 Windows XP and see the same behavior (Start Menu shortcuts not being deleted upon un-install). What might cause this, and how might I fix it?

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    If the problem only happens on Win7, add RequestExecutionLevel ( ), otherwise it is probably a missing call to SetShellVarContext, either way, just MessageBox the path before you delete to verify that it is correct...
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