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  • Microsoft Certified

    I am curious if anyone has certified with Microsoft using a Nullsoft installer?

    Has anyone done this?

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    It used to be MSI only but they have relaxed those requirements now so I don't see why not.
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      You may be right. The test cases do allow for other "commercially" available installers to be used. I would think that Nullsoft would fall into this class. However, the file version does not work right for Nullsoft. I know there are some links for alternate scripting that "brings back the older version tab", but this may not be considered a "properly versioned file" which Microsoft requires of every file included in an install as well as the installer itself. Is there any chance that this could be fixed?


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        The version tab was removed in Vista. The version info you can add with VI* will still be visible in other places.
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          From the NSIS manual:

          Adds the Product Version on top of the Version Tab in the Properties of the file.

          VIProductVersion ""

          My code:

          !define PRODUCT_VERSION_MAJOR.MINOR "3.0"

          VIProductVersion "${PRODUCT_VERSION_MAJOR.MINOR}.0.0"

          The resulting installer exe has a blank for Product version.


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            I guess this must be difference because it is on the "Details" tab now instead. My question is can the VIProductVersion be fixed to populate the "Details tab instead.


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              VIAddVersionKey ProductVersion
              VIAddVersionKey FileVersion



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                Thanks Stu,

                That worked great


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                  I am getting some error from the Microsoft readiness tool for 2012 servers. There are some complains about the NSIS setup exe failing these checks:
                  Image is not marked as NX compatible
                  Image is not marked as Dynamic Base compatible
                  No SAFESEH (LOAD_CONFIG absent)
                  Does anyone know if this can be corrected on an NSIS setup exe built by NSIS?


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                    We might be able to set these flags in the future, in the meantime you can hex edit the 2.46 stubs. You can find the PE DllCharacteristics flags @ You can find the offset with if you don't have Visual Studio and editbin.
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                      Thanks Anders, that was exactly the information I needed. I did find that I could use CFF Explore VII to modify those flags. The Microsoft tool even has a dialog breaking out what all the bits mean and checkboxes to turn the flags on. The tool launches from the explore right-click menu on highlighted exe's so it is very convenient to use.


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                        Note that IMAGE_DLLCHARACTERISTICS_DYNAMIC_BASE is probably not going to relocate the .exe in memory since we strip the relocations to reduce the size.
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                          This is just to let eveyone know it is possible to get MS certified using Nullsoft. We have ours now for "Works with Windows Server 2008 R2" and also "Certified on Windows Server 2012" as well. Here is a link to our catalog entry: