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my installer does not work on WINDOWS 7, but works fine in XP & Vista...?

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  • Anders
    You should take a look at the manifest for this other installer (Resource Hacker or hex editor) and match its executionlevel. Highest is probably not enough, usually you want user or admin.

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  • Bansaw
    thanks, I changed the execution level from "user" to:
    RequestExecutionLevel highest
    and this seemed to fix it. Now the 3rd party installer invokes fine.

    I just hope and assume that this execution level change doesn't affect other things. I'll give it a test on a few other 7,XP, Vista machines and see how it performs on those platforms.

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  • Anders
    It's not like you are giving us much to go on here.

    Do you have "requestexecutionlevel admin" in your script?
    Is UAC on under Vista AND 7? Are they both 32 bit?

    Try Process Monitor and see why the process dies...

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  • my installer does not work on WINDOWS 7, but works fine in XP & Vista...?

    One part of my installer invokes a 3rd party installer using Execwait.
    Its been working fine in XP and Vista.

    For some reason, on Windows 7, the 3rd party installer simply refuses to invoke.

    If I exit my installer and double-click on the same 3rd party installer in Windows Explorer, it invokes fine.
    As I say, the installer invokes fine from XP so the spelling etc is right.

    Why isn't it invoking from NSIS on Win7?