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How to change/overwrite Uninstall Button Size in MUI?

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  • How to change/overwrite Uninstall Button Size in MUI?

    Hi there,

    I have revised the uninstall button string with my custom text. New text is getting truncated in Uninstall Button. Now, I need to increase the size of the uninstall button to fix this truncation issue.

    I am using MUI. (not MUI 2).

    I am looking for option to overwrite the default size of uninstall button to fix this issue. Ii found some method by changing the size in {NSIS DIR}/Contrib/UIs/modern.exe. But, I need to fix this by coding in *.nsi file. Is there anyway to do this?

    If so, please help.

    Thanks in Advance.

    Best Reagrds,
    P.S: I am a newbie to NSIS and just now started to learn it.

  • #2, post #6; the script shows how to resize a button.


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      Thanks... But am looking to change the size of default buttons

      Thank you very much fro your response.

      Suggested thread has the way to change the Browse button size in custom page. I am looking for the option to change Uninstall button size which will be in MUI_UNPAGE_CONFIRM.


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        The script in the suggested thread shows you the method to resize any button. However, it's only suitable when it's enough to change the button width/height. Your case is a bit more complex because the button also needs to be moved to the left. Since you're new to NSIS, it would probably take you a while to get it right, so here:
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