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  • liteFirewall 1.1

    Minor update to the liteFirewall plugin. While version 1.0 covered/authorized only the current/active firewall profile (private OR domain OR public), the updated version 1.1 now has a switch which allows to cover/authorize all firewall profile (private AND domain AND public). Without the switch it behaves like the old version, which ensures backwards compatibility.

    Since I couldn't find any way to contact the original owner directly, I'm posting the updated source code and binary here. We only needed the unicode binary and ran into trouble building the non-unicode one, you will only find the unicode binary (liteFirewallW.dll) in the attached archive.

    ReadMe.txt, License.txt and Sample.nsi have been updated as well. In case sb. wants to update the correlating WIKI page and/or place a link here, that might help others as well.

    Attached Files