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nsi script file compiled successfully but no installer package is created

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  • nsi script file compiled successfully but no installer package is created

    Here is sample code
    Section "test (required)"
    SectionIn RO
    SetOutPath $INSTDIR
    File /r "test\*"
    ;File "test.txt"

    When I try to compile this code it compile successfully, but didn't produce installation package.

    Same scipt I have tested with the uncommenting line "File test.txt" and commenting copy test folder line and it produce installer package.

    Can someone help what is wrong here. Can I debug/get more detail logs to resolve this issue.

    Here is compilation log ----
    InstallDir: "$PROGRAMFILES\nullsoft_test1"
    Page: directory
    Page: instfiles
    Section: "test (required)"
    SectionIn: [RO]
    SetOutPath: "$INSTDIR"
    File: Descending to: "test\bin\"
    File: "hadoop" [compress] 2307/6549 bytes
    File: "hadoop.cmd" [compress] 2732/8514 bytes
    File: "hadoop.dll" [compress] 43916/86016 bytes

    Processed 1 file, writing output (x86-unicode):
    Processing pages... Done!
    Removing unused resources... Done!
    Generating language tables... Done!

    Output: "C:\Users\anil\project\test.exe"
    Install: 2 pages (128 bytes), 1 section (2072 bytes), 48 instructions (1344 bytes), 443 strings (2976 bytes), 1 language table (230 bytes).

    Using zlib compression.
    EXE header size: 37888 / 39424 bytes
    Install code: 1626 / 7142 bytes
    Install data: 584447 / 2224633 bytes
    CRC (0x2B664BA9): 4 / 4 bytes

    Total size: 623965 / 2271203 bytes (27.4%)

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    Originally Posted by anilb View Post

    Output: "C:\Users\anil\project\test.exe"
    But you can set it to something else with OutFile.
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      So my requirement is to copy a directory and its subdirectories. which have many files.
      Also the same issue I am facing, when I try to download file from internet. It compiles successfully but no output. I can not understand what is the issue.

      Section "test (required)"
      SectionIn RO
      SetOutPath $INSTDIR
      NSISdl::download "" $0


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        1 nsisdl does not support https, use inetc.

        2 $0 is the destination are you are not initializing it.
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          In my case most of the functions (zip, copy folder, download file) compiling successfully but no output. (Means installer package not getting created.). Here are few functions.

          INetC::get /SILENT ""
          ZipDLL::extractall "" "$INSTDIR"
          nsisunz::Unzip "$PLUGINSDIR\" "$INSTDIR"
          File /nonfatal /a /r "test\"

          If there is any error, Nsis compiler should return it. Can someone please help here what is going on. Why there is no output file, even after successfully compilation.


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            I further search about the issue and found it is related to ANSI and Unicode. Most of plugin support ANSI, thats why i am facing the issue. Does anyone know solution for this.


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              That inetc call is clearly wrong, go read its documentation and look at their examples.

              Saying it compiles successfully but has no output does not make sense to me.
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