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Add NSIS Logo to Simple Icons repository

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  • Add NSIS Logo to Simple Icons repository

    Hi guys!

    I need an official SVG file from a NSIS repository.
    I need this to add the NSIS logo to the Simple Icons repository.
    Simple Icons is a repository that allows us to create beautiful tags like this :

    You can see the Issue on GitHub in this link

    So what do you think ?
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    I'm not sure what the original format our artwork is in (I'll try to check) but it is probably not svg.

    Are you giving us your files? Under which license? Could the spacing perhaps be slightly larger, mostly for the smaller icons.
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      I'm giving you the SVG file under the CC0 1.0 Universal.

      I just need a logo in SVG in an official repository. I'd appreciate it if you publish this on SourceForge repository because it is the official repository.

      If you need that I post in some repository the SVG file that I've made, just ask that I will do.

      Here is the logo that I've made in SVG using Inkscape


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        Sorry I send you the wrong SVG, the right on is this.