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Installer is Admin - Uninstaller isnt

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  • Installer is Admin - Uninstaller isnt

    Im sure I am doing something stupid, but after looking through the docs and tinkering I cant figure it out.

    My installer is set for RequestExecutionlevel highest - which works. I.e you get an alert saying you need to run it as admin. But the uninstaller doesnt. When run it says a nice complete and you realise it hasnt deleted any of the files..

    From what I'm reading its actually hard to set a installer and uninstalelr with different execution levels. So really not sure how I'm doing this.

    here's my installer:

    any help much appreciated!

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    If you always want to be admin, use Admin, not Highest. Highest will not elevate if the user is not a member of the administrator group.

    There are some known issues that some versions of Windows 10 will not launch things correctly when using the settings app to uninstall. What happens if you start the uninstaller from a Explorer window directly?

    Windows version?

    In your script, don't call Call RequireAdmin so early, you must do the portable check first if you want to allow portable extraction without admin (but that will cause issues with your service?).
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      Thanks for that - spot on. Admin has fixed it. Thanks a million