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Getting Rid of nsi*.tmp files

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  • Getting Rid of nsi*.tmp files

    Ok. How do I get rid of the nsi*.tmp files created on the target system after installing a package?

    Also... why do the icons have to match?

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    Do you mean files that were extracted by generating a filename using GetTempFileName (or whatever its called) and then using the generated file name in a File statement? If so just delete them before the installer finishes using the standard file delete command. (this is the trick the plugin handling code has to do with the dlls, and is part of the reason I expanded the plugin support, it was a pain having the user have to be responsible for extracting and deleting temporary dll files)


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      Boy, I don't know.
      I know that when I (a target user) runs a packaged EXE, I get a lot of NST*.tmp (I said nsi, but meant nst) files in my $temp folder (for me, it's c:\temp).

      The installer (package.exe or whatever) seems to create these.


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        The installer always deletes the temp files that it create itself (GetTempFileName files should be deleted by you). You must have somehow created a temp file and forgot to delete it. If you attach the script we can have a look and try to help you with it.
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          Thanks. I'll give it a look over myself first, for the excercise. See if something is standing out and biting me that I'm just not seeing.

          If that doesn't work, I'll attach the script.

          At least now I know what I'm looking for (I think )