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  • Scottish Gaelic translation

    Hello everyone

    My team has just finished a Scottish Gaelic translation of 3 which uses NSIS as the install system.

    Unfortunately, on Windows, the software installer (NSIS) is still in English. It appears that this is a separate translation task to the OpenOffice work itself.

    We want to translate NSIS into Scottish Gaelic to accompany the OpenOffice project. Unfortunately there doesn't appear to be an available language ID for it in the MakeLangID utility that comes with NSIS. Gaelic is not a recognised locale or language for Microsoft Windows.

    If someone can help me get an appropriate language code for this work and tell me what files I need to translate, I'd be most grateful. The ISO 639-1 language code for Scottish Gaelic is gd, 639-2 and -3 code is gla.

    Best wishes