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    Hello everyone,

    I am trying to add Khmer to the NSIS translations but I am running into some issues which I am not sure how to resolve.

    I have a 95% Khmer translation of the files (only a couple strings haven't yet been translated)
    \NSIS\Contrib\Language files\Khmer.nlf
    \NSIS\Contrib\Language files\Khmer.nsh

    I tried using MakeLangId.exe but this didn't have the Khmer language/sublanguage listed.

    it looks like there is only a Unicode page no Microsoft Code page for Khmer.

    Here is what I found
    Locale identifier Locale Locale name Script tag ANSI code page

    0×0453 Windows Vista and later: Khmer (Cambodia) kh-KH Khmr Unicode only

    And that chart shows the code page starting at 1780 (which didn’t work)
    I get the following warning and when I run the install ?'s show up. I do have the Khmer font installed and can see the text using Notpad

    Khmer language file uses a codepage (1780) that is not supported on this system, using ACP! (macro:MUI_LANGUAGE:9)

    Attached is the font and the files we had translated so far.
    Does the NSIS unicode installer work for non-microsoft coded pages?
    Is there some trick I am missing?

    Thanks for any help you can offer.

    Charles LaPierre
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    The codepage is only used for ANSI installers (which you won't support anyway) and automatic selection of the language when the installer is loaded. It's not required and if one doesn't exist, it's OK to use a fake one. Other languages do the same.
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