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  • Venetian localization

    I created the Venetian (ISO 639-3 code: vec) translation for NSIS, here's the files.

    Best regards,
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    Venetian localization

    I created the venetian translation and I inserted the following ticket
    How is it possible to apply the new localization?


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      I believe this is one of the languages without a LANGID allocated by Microsoft and we are therefore a little unsure how we should handle it.
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        The Venetian doesn't have an LCID code yet, but it has an ISO 639-3 code: VEC.
        NSIS supports many languages without an LCID, for example, Sardinian, Corsican, Kurdish.
        In this post they suggest using "9999" as a language ID. Let me know if it is possible and where to post the file. Thanks


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          I know there are others without a real LCID but that does not make it the right way to do things.
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            LCIDs were deprecated a decade ago

            I wrote to Microsoft in order to get an LCID code for Venetian language and they answer:

            "our product team confirms that we no longer assign LCIDs unless there are exceptional circumstances. LCIDs were deprecated a decade ago and we support many locales that do not have an LCID. We want to know why you need an LCID? What technology blocks you from translating without LCID?
            FWIW, you can add the Venetian language (vec) the User Language List in Windows.
            If you make a custom locale (or just use the constructed locale), then you may be able to get away with the LOCALE_CUSTOM_UNSPECIFIED LCID (or maybe the LOCALE_CUSTOM_DEFAULT LCID if it was the user default locale, and as long as that’s the only custom locale on the system, since they all share the same LCID)."

            Then, how could I translate NSIS in Venetian?


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              The main problem with a lack of a real LCID is that we can't detect it and set the correct language automatically.

              The other problem is that we don't know the compatibility issues a fake LCID will cause.
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                Use language tags" like the BCP-47 style en-US or vec-IT

                I received another answer where they suggest: "Use language tags" like the BCP-47 style en-US or vec-IT.
                I'm interested in translating some freeware software in my own language Venetian ( Some of them don't support the ISO 639-3, VEC, and they need an LCID code (Windows Language Code Identifier). Where to ask…

                Would you like to join the conversation in order to find a solution?


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                  Moving to something other than LCIDs (LANGID technically) would require a change to the translation format and code changes in the installer.

                  LOCALE_CUSTOM_UNSPECIFIED seems OK initially but GetLocaleInfo(LOCALE_IDEFAULTANSICODEPAGE) returns an error, who knows how much of a problem that is.

                  LOCALE_CUSTOM_DEFAULT and 0x2000 seem to work better but I assume can return strings/data in the wrong language sometimes.
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