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general purpose non-plugin winamp interface

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  • general purpose non-plugin winamp interface

    I put together this simple set of functions that allow you to access winamp as though you are a local to winamp's process... it enabled me to access extended winamp song info from an external app in another project.

    It was nice since I didn't have to include a winamp-side plugin to interface with to get to the info

    Here's the functions packaged in a nice VC6 sample app that shows the magic in action!

    I'm sure someone out there will find it useful, well, that's my hope anyways

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    torsius: just had a quick look and it works quite well though it's a bit ropey with retrieving video information i found.

    but nice clean code in there and will go well with the vb equivalent that i plan to link / document

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      i'm sure it could be improved, if there's anything imparticular that doesn't work that should actually be possibly to do from a remote process.


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          I will look at this tonight. Anyone know if this allows you to access the media library from an external app?



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              Hi there.

              That's exactly what i was looking for

              But it does not work...
              It "show's" me alwas just something like this:

              Currently Playing song: C:\My Music\blah.mp3

              Bitrate: kbps
              Length: 0:00

              Although ID3v1 and ID3v2 are included the MP3
              So it retrieves the song filename, but not the additional information.

              Could it be, that it is because of my Winamp version? (i'm using 2.91 - and don't try me to use other Versions )

              I would be very glad if this could be done "for me"... Cause i don't want to write a small Plugin since it is possible to do that on other Way's.

              As said before.. i would be glad, if there is any helpp for me

              Thanks and bye,
              Verno =)

              EDIT: ah i forgot. I tryed this on a Win2kSP4 and WinXPSP1 pc.
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                can someone make a dll out of it which exports GetMetaInfo function..........

                i really need it to be used from Visual Basic. I tried to port this to VB but the pointers problem in VB crashes winamp.

                would anyone be kind enough to make a dll for this.....pleaseeeeeeee

                i can't make it myself bcoz i don't have VC++ and also i have little knowledge of C++ .......


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                  This is what ActiveWinamp is for, as I posted in another thread. It is a COM object which lets you interact with Winamp out of process. There is no direct GetMetaInfo call, it is abstracted to higher level calls, which get the meta info from the media library if its available, or from the extendedinfo call if not.

                  If you dont want to use COM, you have to create a proxy plugin that does WM_COPYDATA or similar calls, which Im guessing is more or less what this plugin does. It seems to support getmetainfo but I havent looked into it much.

                  /EDIT: actually its doing readprocessmemory/writeprocessmemory calls. You can do this from VB, here is some info that should get you started:

                  However, in general I would steer clear of readprocessmemory etc calls. Im not positive, but I think you may need debug priviliges or osmething similar to do that under XP. ie, it may cause problems if your running as non-admin or under terminal services or something like that.
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                    VC++ help needed...

                    i'm trying to create a WinampMagic dll named MetaInfo which exports GetMetaInfo function which can be used in VB.

                    now, i want to if it makes any difference when preferred for VB calling:

                    char __stdcall *GetMetaInfo(char *whichInfo)

                    char __stdcall *GetMetaInfo(LPCSTR whichInfo)

                    what is more appropriate to use in this case???


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                      can someone compile this for me pleaseeeeeeee..............

                      can anyone compile this dll for me, coz i don't have VC++.

                      i hope there won't be any errors, but if still there's an error, please please please try to fix them, i don't think there would be any major issues coz the code has been borrowed from WinampMagic which is errorfree...

                      i'm trying to use this dll from VB, i hope it works when compiled.......

                      actually i'm in DANGEROUS need for this dll and for that i got to have it compiled.....

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                        version 0.1


                        thanks for pointing me in the right direction you guys
                        example included


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                          getting song rating...

                          i was successful in making a MetaInfo dll, however, i have a new issue to deal with....

                          i want to get the song's rating, i tried it using IPC_GET_EXTENDED_FILE_INFO and passing "RATING" as the metadata parameter, but i didn't get the rating. Does anyone know of any other way i can get the song's rating???


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                            Get DrO's modified SDK from one of the sticky threads


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                              Hi torsius,

                              I've downloaded your project and compile it in VC++.NET 2003. However, when I run the executable file, a sort-of DOS promt (with the black windows) just popup and disappear.

                              So sozzzy for a very dump question, but I dont know by what way can I use your project, ie. is it a sample project about Winamp plugin, or just for any other purpose ? Very sorry about that, but since i'm completely new in forum as well as know nearly nothing about Winamp plugin although I'm having a university project to build an application about that !!!

                              Thank you for any of your further explanation and please bear with my lack of acknowledgement !

                              Best regards