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.net dll for 3rd party access to winamp (remote control etc)

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  • .net dll for 3rd party access to winamp (remote control etc)

    i was wondering if anybody has a .net dll that's able to get data from winamp (current song, volume, song position etc).

    im trying to make a remote-access for winamp without any plugins for winamp in order to use it... and im kinda stuck since im not able to port things from c++ to c#/ (*.net)

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    I don't know about a dll file, I downloaded the full sdk which has the message numbers to get stuff like track name, thats the only one I know infact

    you can get the track name infact by doing this..

    char *szCurrentTrack;
    int iPlayListTrack = 0;

    iPlayListTrack = (int)SendMessage(mod.hwndParent,WM_USER, 0, 125);

    szCurrentTrack = (char*)SendMessage(mod.hwndParent, WM_USER, iPlayListTrack, 212);

    so there is code 125 getting the playlist track, and code 212 getting the track name on that playlist track. I'm sure the codes are on the forum somewhere I'm not sure anymore, I too would like a dll or sorts to do it instead though


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      Already done it for you and everyone else in the VB.NET world... look for the source code here...

      WINAMP.COM | Forums > Developer Center > Winamp Development > VB.NET Interface

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