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  • Originally Posted by osmosis View Post

    and make sure it's named startup_<name>.vbs

    If that doesn't work, put a playlist_<name>.vbs file in there and see if it shows up in the Scripts submenu in your Winamp playlist.. it could be that startup scripts have stopped working.
    Nice! Added startup_ to the beginning and it loaded up at start. Thanks for the extremely quick reply too.

    I have one more question now: Is there an event for when Winamp shuts down? I didnt see it in the documentation.
    EDIT: nvm, found it with the Type Library Explorer: Application.ApplicationExited


    • Originally Posted by KClaisse View Post
      Hey guys, I am not familiar with vbs at all and even after looking through the example I am still at a loss as to how to do this:

      I have a python program I wrote that updates some online applications of mine with song information. I can either just constantly query winamp for new song info but its a bad way to do this. All I need to do with ActiveWinamp is pass track title, artist, and album to my program at the start of a song being played. Then for stopping/pausing It would pass the argument "stop" or "pause" respectively. I read on the activewinamp page that it is possible to use programs written in other languages, so maybe I can just use python directly? I doubt that though since everyone is using vbs heh.

      Anyway, any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
      the activewinamp.dll is a com object so it can be used with any language that works with COM


      • Hey everyone-
        After years of running RoboDJ, I ended up losing the plugin after my hard drive crashed. I reinstalled WinAmp on my new drive and was unable to find a copy of the plugin, so I've been suffering with the craptastic "shuffle" mode available with regular WinAmp.

        I've tried to run the Active winamp plugin plus Party Shuffle, but haven't had much luck. I'm able to get everything to show up as described (e.g., right click in the playlist, hit "scripts," then "Party Shuffle," but it then comes up with "Error: Line 80, Type Mismatch: 'ubound.'"

        I'm running WinAmp Lite 5.601. Any suggestions? Thanks!



        • Lite as in "no media library" ? If so, that's the reason. If not, then I just recommend downloading the latest ActiveWinamp and Party Shuffle scripts from the above posts (right-click, Save Target As), and try again. Oh any make sure you regsvr32 gen_activewa.dll from a elevated command prompt. Hopefully that helps as I redownloaded and it all works here on my end.
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          • I'm trying to create a script to send the selected file to audacity for editing, as far as I can work out, it should be fairly easy, but my scripting knowledge started about 2 days ago, so I'm struggling, any help would be greatly appreciated.


            • hi malcolm. I recommend you check out some of the Examples from ShaneH's page (click ActiveWinamp, then Wiki Homepage) to get you started. In particular check out the MusicMatch as it contains running a program from a vbs script, then check out a sendto script, and the Notes and Documentation. As long as audacity allows commandline (probably does, most do) then it's a pretty straightforward little script, and that should be all you need.

              Good luck! Oh, and welcome to the forums.
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              • I need some help. I had not used ActiveWinamp is a very long time. I updated to the most recent version. None of the Scripts work. They all crash Winamp. I'm using Winamp 5.601. I attached my plug-in list below. I also attached a script that caused a crash.

                I figure I'm just missing something stupid.....
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                • Well, the script certainly doesn't work over here... but it also doesn't cause a crash. All I can recommend is following my advice 4 posts up: make sure you have the crashfixed build of gen_activewa.dll from my post attachment, and make sure it's regsvr32 from an elevated command prompt.

                  Also worth noting you have a LOT of 3rd party plugins, so if after the above you still can't get it to work, do the obvious and try removing all the 3rd party plugins except AW and see if that works.
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                  • Thank you for the reply, I'm starting to get the idea with this script, it works fine if the mp3s are in folders without spaces in the location, but not with spaces. What do I need to change in the script? Again, the help is much appreciated.
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                    • Originally Posted by malcolmthenewt View Post
                      What do I need to change in the script?
                      Probably double quotes around the variable "track" in the Call statement. But don't quote me. I'm a 'trial and error' rookie.
                      For what it's worth, I've attached my VBS script. You'll have to adapt it by changing the path to Audacity.
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                      Windows 10 Home, 64 bit, Winamp 5.666, Bento Skin


                      • Good job malcolm! You just need quotes around the file path like ryerman said. Since escaping quotes in VBS can get ugly and annoying, remember you can also use chr(34)
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                        • lol, I just came back on to post my working script, if I'd logged in earlier, it wouldn't have taken me half as long, oh well. Thanks for everybody's help
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                          • Hello everyone!
                            How can I get the list of enqueued tracks using script?
                            I looked the examples on MyPlugins but didn't find a suitable solution (may be because I'm new to VBScript)


                            • As long as you mean enqueue as in the next files in the playlist and not the JumpToFile plugin function, it's a pretty simple task.

                              here's an example from the Party Shuffle script of a way you can perform a function on every item following the current (playing) entry:

                              for i = playlist.position to playlist.count
                              if not arraycontains(songHistory, playlist.item(i).filename) then
                              end if

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                              • Winamp Party Shuffle 3.4
                                • Added new check to skip missing files (due to deletion/changed paths), which would limit the available tracks.
                                • Displays a warning for missing files, advising user to rescan ML and restart Party Shuffle to avoid any issues.
                                Here's the result of me having a think about the old ML change checking code and the possibility of having missing files show up in the ML query. Also, 3.4 is a nice, even revision number.

                                The AW wiki has been broken for a while, locking many wiki docs from changes so the new version is attached below.


                                Rename attachment from *.txt to playlist_Party Shuffle.vbs and place in the AW Scripts directory.
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